Q & A with Bradley and Sandy

6/24/2010 by John Borelli

Bradley Arnall

Bradley called me from the road earlier this week as he headed home from a quick tour of the Worlds courses. He is playing in his first Worlds in Advanced Grandmasters and this will be the biggest event he has played in except for the Vibram Open. He expects to play well, have a great time, and basically enjoy the experience.

The coolest thing that has happened so far is that a few of his "old dogs" saw his name on the pre-reg list and have reconnected with him after several years.

He wanted to let everyone know that hotel rooms are getting scarce around Marion and that he has space to share in the hotel he has reserved.


Sandy Redd

Is this your first Am Worlds?
This is my first AM Worlds and probably my last.

Is this the largest event you've ever played in?
This will be the largest but I have played in 2 vibram opens and 2 carolina clash's which were both pretty big.

Any expectations?
I expect from the pictures of the courses that it will be wooded and technical with some open shots here and there.

What are you excited or nervous about?
A little of both now but when we start playing I will be totally pumped.

Any goals?
1. Win and beat Wiggins.
2. If I'm not feeling it I just want to finish in the cut so I have a chance to play on Sat.
3. Always have fun. If you're not having fun then you shouldn't be playing.

Who are you traveling with?
I am leaving with Bradley on Sat at 5am and we will head to Tiffin to play a round, and then probably go see the other courses on Sunday.

What have you been doing to prepare for a week of DG?
Putting a lot, helping borderland out for the Spring Fling, I last 5 lbs and I have been riding my bike to work just so I can get my legs ready. But it is all in how you played in the past.

Any other thoughts.
I can't wait. Let's show the world what NEFA can produce.




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