NEFA updates at AM Worlds

6/29/2010 by John Borelli

Day 1 of AM Worlds in Ohio is over and NEFA is kicking butt! Sandy Redd is riding high atop his pool in the #1 spot, while Bill Dunne is tied for 4th in his pool. Nick Connell, Mike Sperow, and I also had a good day and are sitting at 7th, 11th, and 19th in our respective divisions/pools. Let's keep it going, guys!

> Current standings

A few of us are sharing our adventures through blogs, tweets, and posts to the NEFA board. Please help keep us going by sending or posting comments. We love reading them and knowing that NEFA is supporting us! Believe me, a simple "atta boy" really goes a long way, especially after your fifth round in three days!

Here's who's doing what:

> Main NEFA Worlds thread: Updates from all of us at Worlds

> Borelli Blog: Updates and photos from me

> Nick Connell: Twitter updates

This will probably be the last post here on NEFA until after Worlds. Time for some sleep.




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