Give a golfer a bed for the Vibram Open

7/28/2010 by John Borelli

The Vibram Open NT event at Maple Hill in Leicester, MA is just around the corner (Aug 13-15) and NEFA is continuing its tradition of offering traveling golfers a free place to crash. But first, we need some empty beds!

There are at least 12 out-of-state golfers looking to crash somewhere, but only three people so far who have offered up some space.

Be kind. Make a friend. Make their tournament even better. Get an automatic free place to stay when you travel!

If you can help, email Marcy Borelli who is coordinating this and let her know where you live, what you can offer, and how many golfers you can accomodate.

If you are playing in the Vibram Open and need a place to stay, contact Marcy as well. She'll do her best to find you a place to sleep!




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