Rd 2 of logo contest is on!

8/24/2010 by John Borelli

Submitted by Titan Bariloni

The 2nd Round of the NEFA Slogan & Logo Contest is off and flying.

> Vote for a logo and slogan and then email Titan.
Slogans and rules

2nd Round Voting Time Frame: August 23 12:00 PM EST to September 3 11:59 PM EST

Definitely some close races in the round 1. Round 2 should be fun building up to the excitment of crowning the winners.

All NEFA members VOTE for your favorite of the bunch. The more votes received the better chance to reflect the true choice of the organization.

So tell a fellow NEFA member who may not know about the contest to VOTE. This is important folks, we are chosing what the outside world will see when they enter the NEFA Universe. 

Thanks to all the artists who submitted entries and to all the creative minds that submitted slogans. NEFA appreciates your hardwork invested!

Thanks to the NEFA members for participating in the contest and to the NEFA web team for assisting in displaying logos.

Good Luck to all in Round 2! I hope everyone is enjoying the contest.

What will the NEW "FACE" of NEFA be....? Stay Tuned and VOTE VOTE VOTE


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