Newcomers head to Pyramids while Aces race

10/7/2010 by John Borelli

The Newcomers Ball held this Saturday at Pyramids in Leicester, MA is a great way to introduce a new player to tournament play. 

Another fun way to get some pseudo-tournament experience is at an Ace Race where players throw from shortened tees and hope for metal or an ace. The person with the most "metals" or aces wins! There are two this weekend, one at Tully Dam in Athol, MA and another at Panthorn in Southington, CT.

For all West Thompson tag holders, don't forget about the WT Bag Tag Tourney this Sunday.

After this crappy rainy week, let's get out there and chuck some plastic!

>Newcomers Ball info
>Tully Ace Race info
>Panthorn Ace Race info
>WT Tag Tourney info



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