Congrats, you made it into the NEFA Finals

10/14/2010 by John Borelli

Congratulations! You qualified for the NEFA Finals and made the first cut by getting an official invite. Now what? 

What's your strategy for the day? Are you preparing for this tournament any differently than the rest? Have you been practicing more or less this week? Are you letting your body rest or are you keeping it in shape by playing more? 

Are you feeling the pressure to do well since you are one of the best players in New England, or are you just "happy to be nominated'? In any case have a blast this weekend, enjoy the beautiful VT mountains, and have a good time with your disc golf friends and family.

Be sure to thank VT NEFA state rep Anne Lewis and her crew for pulling this thing together! And don't forget Jeff Wiechowski for keeping us informed of who's in, not in, wants to be in, doesn't want to be in, and everything else in between. (Don't you have a day job, Jeff?!)

Lastly, everyone pray for no rain (although it seems to be a recent NEFA Finals tradition to be cold and rainy). Boo rain!!
Good luck!


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