It's election time, NEFA!

10/25/2010 by John Borelli

It is election time here in NEFA. Please consider serving NEFA and be prepared to do some work for the greater good of us all. All elected positions serve on the Board of Directors and are vital for helping us make decisions based on our vision of where we would like NEFA to go.

To those that like to sit and complain about how things are, this is your chance to help change things. Run for office! Get involved. Be a positive force behind New England disc golf!

General info and candidate info

Positions up for grabs include:

> President, Vice President, Treasurer, 
> State Representative for CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, and VT.

Election schedule:
  • - Nominations are due on Wednesday, November 3.
  • - Postcard ballots sent on Monday, November 8.
  • - Members will receive ballots by November 12
  • - Members will have 1 week to decide: November 14-21
  • - Ballots must be postmarked by Monday November 22
  • - Winners will be announced by Wednesday, December 1



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