NEFA Dubs series kicks off Sat.

10/29/2010 by John Borelli

The new NEFA Dubs series kicks off this Saturday at a new course in Rindge, NH. Go play the Halloween Howler Doubles and be part of a fun new series.

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by John Britton on 10/31/2010 at 11:07:46 PM
The H. Howler Dubz tournament went pretty well yesterday...I would like to prepare a brief story about the tourney and participants (if possible). The finish was particularly exciting -- Titan B. and John B. birdied the last hole (a tough & tight # 18 with Lots of potential Creek Danger) to force a play-off and then hit a long 50' putt to secure the win. One player also took several digital photos during the event. Please let me know how I should proceed with this task for submittal & display on the NEFA webpage. Ideally, I would like a brief blurb on the home-page later this week; however, I need some guidance from you for necessary format/length & other items. I think a short story re: H. Howler event with a picture or two would do an awful lot to help promote both my course and the ongoing Winter NEFA Dubz series. Thanks, John Britton

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