New disc golf shop opens next to Devens course

11/22/2010 by John Borelli

Time for a brief bit of shameless self-promotion....

There's a new place to get your disc golf gear in MA. My new store, Killer B Disc Golf, opened it's doors last week in Ayer, MA, just two minutes from Devens disc golf course. In fact, hole 12 borders the shopping area that the store is in, so if you need a mid-round break, slip through the hole in the fence and stop by. 

I'd like to thank Steve Dodge at Maple Hill and Jason Southwick at Marshall Street for their advice and support the past few months while Marcy and I figured out how to make this happen. Rob Walker, his Dad Steve, and Jerel Davis have also been a tremendous help as my personal handymen, so thank you guys too. And huge props to my friend Josh Hughes from Philly for designing the coolest logo in disc golf! 

It's a big step and we look forward to doing our part to help grow this great sport!

And of course, you know if I'm involved there's got to be a blog, right? 

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by Mark on 11/24/2010 at 8:27:00 AM
That's great news! Good luck!

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