NEFA elections results

12/1/2010 by John Borelli

The results for the 2010 NEFA elections are in. Thank you for voting, all 56 of you. Thank you also to those members who have stepped-up to help NEFA this coming year.


Rob Tatro 52
T.M. Dyer 1
Jason Southwick 1
Abstained 2

Vice President

Sandy Redd 51
Titan Bariloni 1
Rob Tatro 1
Abstained 3


Rick Williams 52
Titan Bariloni 1
Dave Boliver 1
Abstained 2

MA Rep

John Borelli 22
Abstained 1

ME Rep

Zack Jellis 4

VT Rep

Seth McQuade 5
James Sweat 1

NH Rep

Blaze Konefal 5

CT Rep

Dave Mourad 9
Jeff Cahill 1
Whit Cooper 1

RI Rep

Greg Wintrob 3

NY Rep

Jeff Wiechowski 4


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