Get involved! NEFA needs volunteers!

12/6/2010 by John Borelli

NEFA has four volunteer positions that are filled by the president. They are: Secretary, Membership Committee Chair, Points Committee Chair, and Web Committee Chair.

If you are interested in serving in any of these roles, our newly-elected President Rob Tatro is accepting names until December 15. New volunteers will be announced on Dec 22. You do not need to be an expert at any of these positions, but must have the desire and time to help out NEFA!

If interested, please email Rob.

Secretary - this is a new position that we created at the end of summer so the roles associated with it have yet to be defined entirely. First off, we plan on holding semi-annual meetings for which we need someone to take notes. During these meetings, we tend to make up quite the list of action items and without the notes, it's hard to remember what it is everyone was responsible for. We'd also like to see better communication between NEFA and it's members and TDs

The secretary would help the BOD find ways to stay in better contact with it's membership via email blasts or other ways as they relate to news items (tournaments, finals, voting, etc).

Membership Committee Chair - keeps our membership database up to date and functioning well so that we can search the database using multiple variables to aid us in finding members contact info for many reasons. Also responsible for our membership bagtag programs.

Points Committee Chair - is the contact person on all things NEFA points. Responsible for reviewing and updating the NEFA points charter so that is current every year.

Web Committee Chair - is the point man for keeping us online and presentable via our webspace at


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