Disc golf with Santa

12/15/2010 by John Borelli

If you're done with your Christmas shopping by Christmas Eve day, why not reward yourself with playing in a doubles tournament? I just received this note from NEFA Dubs Series organizer, Titan Bariloni:

Come have some fun at a NEFA Dubz Event on Christmas Eve on a ball golf course that is set up as a disc golf course over the winter months. The course may not be setup this year and this may be your only chance to play this interesting layout. 

This could also be a "make or break" on if the course will open for the year. So let's do what we do best in NEFA and go support some disc golf!

> Course info

Event info

The more the merrier! Tis the season for disc golf fun! No matter the turnout, it will be a fun way to spend the day and you'll have plenty of time to get home to the family, or it'll be a good way to be a part of the family we all call NEFA.

Thanks for the info, Titan.


by Greg Dowdell on 12/17/2010 at 3:19:24 PM
Hi plastic throwin brethren! Merry Christmas to all. I have to start my comments by apologizing for having such a stubborn and misinformed golf course owner. He has a tough time wrapping his brain around disc golf at our course. I'd like nothing more than to come up with a schedule when the course will be available but for some reason he thinks there will be ball golf weather any day now... whatever... I had a conversation with him today about setting up the course this weekend before it snowed Sunday. He seemed OK with it, if it snows, so I plan on planting baskets and putting out tees that day. I'm looking at Thursday as being the unceremonious opening day. Fees will be $8 for the day. The clubhouse will be open (while I'm not playing) and we will have beer for sale for $3. Please do not bring glass bottles to the course... Also, I will be out of town from the 28th- Jan 3rd so we will not be able to throw then. I'm hoping and fully believe we can play until Feb 1st. I'm not sure why Mr French sees this as the last day, but there's a lot I can't explain about him. I hope to see you all next week!!

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