NEFA Forums updates

5/19/2011 by Dave McHale

Just letting the community know that a few changes have been made to the NEFA forums today in an effort to block some of the automated spiders and bots which frequent the forums & have been sucking up the bandwidth as of late: bandwidth which isn't free and is actually being used MORE by automated bots at this time than actual people visiting the website. 

Traffic in general to the forums is above what it used to be - especially compared to multiple years ago - but with luck the changes implemented today will help us to stay with our existing provider & plan without having to move house or start paying more every month for our hosting. Paying for more bandwidth if the membership is using it would be one thing, but when the crawlers are using most of what we're paying for we need to do something to turn that back. 

While no one *should* be affected, please comment here with information on device/operating system/browser (including versions on all information) if you for some reason cannot access the forums.


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