White October

11/1/2011 by mcmanus

As snow blanketed much of New England from the surprising Nor'easter  this past weekend, I'm sure many were asking themselves "hmmm....halloween party or skiing?"  Living on Cape Cod, I truly cannot begin to empathize with my fellow discgolfers who happen to live in the snowbelt areas around central Mass, CT, VT, NH and ME.  Yes, once again, Cape Cod and SE Mass/coastal areas were spared for the most part from the onslaught, so if you're looking for a snow-free round, c'mon out to the coastal courses.  For those who got hit hard, I guess ribbon & yax trax season came early this year.   Here's hoping the warmish temps this week will make quick work of old man winter's premature dumping and Fall disc golf can resume under relatively normal conditions.

As usual at this point in my blog, I implore you to send me some stories....new courses underway, erotic chainsaw stories, clever ideas, whatever comes to mind, my door is always open to new ideas.  More to come soon! 


by Jay on 11/2/2011 at 1:57:22 PM
THAT'S an unbelievable amount of snow around that basket! Must be nearly three feet! We had an interesting second round at the HCC Autumn Winds on Saturday. You can follow the photos here: http://hccdiscgolf.karenandjay.com/tourneys/autumn11/autumn11.html

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