Its Election Time

11/8/2011 by mcmanus


That's right NEFA members, its time to get the vote out for the NEFA Board members as well as your state representatives.  As an added convenience this year, the NEFA Board of Directors has provided for online voting right here on  Check out the link to the thread here:   

The board is also reaching out to members who do not frequent the nefa discussion forums by facilitating their vote via an e-mail link!!  Remember, you MUST be a NEFA member to vote....faudulent voting will be a punishable offense via disc firing squad of top NEFA pros, so please be honest, vote your conscience and no funny business!

A big THANK YOU goes out to the NEFA Board of Directors for bringing the voting mechanisms up to speed for our members.  Best of luck to all the candidates who have competition!


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