2011 NEFA Auction: Another Successful Year!

11/22/2011 by mcmanus

Well, it was a pleasure hosting such nice people.  The 2011 NEFA Doubles Auction was once again, a rousing success!

The auction took in 9415.50 Checks for $2354 will go out within the next few days to our four causes:

Dana & Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation

American Cancer Society

Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

 and of course....NEFA!

We collected $4,860 out of the $5000 in funny money issued, $1,822 in real cash, $320 in checks, and $2,672 in money owed. We'll send out email reminders.

Special thanks to our staff: Kelley, Rick & Aviva, Trenton, Marshall, Joel, Barry, Lick, Billy Mac, Gary Cyr and one or two obvious other people I'm forgetting.

Gary and Aviva, your auction finances report was spectacularly good and transparent and easy to type up.

Keith Burtt hit an Ace on Hole 10 Silver for $700, the only ace of the day, not counting gray aces on 10 and 18 during the 1st round.


Winners can be viewed in the nice picture below, though the real winners are the selected charities!!...Please take a moment to check them out in the above links provided.

You can view the auction/ buyer and price list  here

-Jason Southwick



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