New Course in Webster MA Needs Your Help

12/6/2011 by mcmanus

It seems as though barely a month goes by and you hear about a new disc golf course proposal underway somewhere in nefaland.  In the disc golf mecca that is central Massachusetts, the Town of Webster is the latest recipient for such a proposal.  The Webster Fish and Game Association has agreed to allow the development of an 18 hole disc golf course on just under 20 acres of forested landscape.

And what central mass region course proposal would be complete without the enigmatic, bewildering yet strangely awe-inspiring presence of Mr. Jason Southwich of Marshall Street Disc Golf fame?  Please take a moment to check out his post on, where Jason implores YOU, the public disc golf usership, to assist in making this gem of a parcel into a disc chuckin playground that seemlessly blends with its natural surroundings.  Disc golf courses aren't built, they are created so grab your piece of artistic cutting, shearing and pruning equipment along with an insatiable appetite for repeatedly dragging heavy  things and bring it all to Webster!

PS, there's really only one phrase to describe Jason Southwick and that is work! 


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