Ice Is Nice

2/3/2012 by mcmanus

Looking at the calendar, one can easily tell its winter even though the temperatures and lack of snow and ice may indicate otherwise.  Regardless of the weather, its Ice Bowl season once again in NEFAland and there's no shortage of tournaments to go around for the month of February, including the following:

 Cranbury Ice Bowl on February 5th 

6th Annual J-Park Icebowl-PDGA C-tier on February 11th

17th Rhode Island Frostbite Classic on February 11th

2nd Annual Frozen Tundra at Charleton Woods on February 18th

Warwick Ice Bowl on February 18th

Buffumville Ice Bowl Doubles Charity Event on February 19th

FDR Park Ice Bowl on February 25th

NoHo (Northampton) Snow Throw on February 26th (A NEFA Dubz Event)

Ice Bowls are the perfect solution for the winter disc golf doldrums....good friends, good times, good food, bad weather (well, maybe not this year, and honestly, who's complaining?) and of course, a charitable cause!!....let's face it, it's all good, so get out there and sign up.  You may even be able to leave the ribbons and yaxtrax behind so you can have more room in the bag for liquid refreshments and a shiny new 2012 Ice Bowl disc!...maybe even a few floater discs for the "frozen ponds" out there.



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