Tournament of Tradition

3/6/2012 by mcmanus


What's so exciting about the month of March you ask?...well, for one, it signifies the beginning of the end for winter weather, though one really wouldn't notice that as much this year considering mother nature's hiatus from the typical winter weather doldrums.  There's also March Madness for all you college basketball gambling freaks (yep, I'm one of em) and of course the grandest of Irish drinking holidays, St Patrick's Day!...and what better way to celebrate it by spending the weekend on Martha's Vineyard for a convivial  gathering of disc golf enthusiasts at an annual event known as the Vineyard Social.  One of the first NEFA points events of the season is on once again and your island friends have been working hard to make sure each year's tournament exceeds the previous year's experience.  With 3 course layouts comprising 36 distinct holes, one can look forward to a day of challenging variety in a setting truly unique to the island. 

Check out the tournament details here

Ferry info can be found here

Parking info here

Lodging info here  (although there are a ton of websites for lodging on the vineyard, your best bet is to go on the discussion forum thread  and ask a local for their recommendations, they won't steer you wrong!

So, pack up the supplies and head on over to the Vineyaaahd on March 17th for some disc chuckin, pub crawling, head pounding island excitement....don't forget to eat and bring your game face! 


by Koran on 3/16/2012 at 3:14:51 AM
Does anyone know what these guys throw? It doesn't look like they lyaaws throw drivers off the tee. Obviously, Nikko is sponsored by Gateway and I don't know much about their discs. But if Feldberg is using Innova, could someone tell me what he is throwing and how he gets them to fly so far! I see Nikko has an advanced throwing style that may be too difficult for normal humans to do. Feldberg and the swedes throw such smooth and calm backhands and still they fly 400, how?

by Raimundo on 3/16/2012 at 4:44:04 PM
I am not seeing this on a big sreecn myself but I am certain that if you go to Feldberg's website to see what all discs he chooses from then see it in hd on a big sreecn you can see what he is holding. To learn the silky smooth pro snap that energizes a disc is what all the amature players are trying to perfect. I believe that once you know the orthodox x step and really work it out' you can ease up on muscle effort and focus on direction of release. Feldberg and Climo made an ins

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