A wet Tully wrap up

5/12/2010 by John Borelli

Submitted by Paul Sullivan:

The Tully Dam tournaments have been getting better every year and this year was no exception. Once again, TD Dave Stidham ran a top-notch event for all who attended. Right from the start of pre-reg, it was obvious that more than 72 golfers wanted to attend the event. By adding two additional holes, Stidham was able to open the tourney to 100 golfers and in the end, 97 played (there were three no-shows).

While Dave and his assistant were straightening out the signups and subsequent waitlist, there were lots of other volunteers doing their part to get things ready. Jeff, James, Jake, and Bill did much more than expected helping to get the course ready. They dedicated numerous hours to course cleanup, doing everything from clearing down trees, installing a new kiosk at hole one and most importantly did whatever they could to assist the members of the Tully Dam Disc Golf Club.

A couple days prior to the event there was some nasty weather that dropped a couple large trees and many fallen branches. Titan and Jimmy K spent a number of long days clearing fallen debris while the rangers pitched in when necessary. Another local golfer spent three days with a backpack leaf blower cleaning all the tee boxes, fairways and putting circles and believe me when I tell you they looked sweet.

>> More photos << (Thanks Jeff W)

Right from the start lunch was an issue because park rules forbid anyone from selling food onsite unless they have a local vendors license. Local legend Jimmy K came forward and said that he would provide food for everyone. Out of his own pocket he purchased the food, drinks and paper goods and with his helpers assistance put on quite a lunch spread. There was fresh sliced cold cuts, kielbasa, kapusta and other assorted goodies to help us fuel the furnaces for the afternoon round. Jimmy put out a donation jar and was required to donate it to the charity of his choice. I believe with the monies collected, he was able to donate just under $400 to a local animal shelter.

Tully Disc Golf Club would like to say thank you to tournament sponsors:

* Gardner Ale House
* Dean’s Beans
* Trailhead Outdoor Equipment
* Flatrock Disc Golf Course
* VegWare
* Bonk’s Market
* And of course anyone that donated CTP prizes

Keep your eyes and ears open for other events this year at Tully Dam. We are all looking forward to a bigger and better event next year!


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