Forum outage, part deux - UPDATED

5/15/2010 by Dave McHale

We're back again, with more info and more updates to the code on the server to try and accommodate our current hosting - at least while we do more research. Enjoy!

Looks like more issues today on the forums, folks :( Ticket is once again submitted to the host, and we're looking for confirmation that the long-term fixes we were promised yesterday were actually applied or what else may be required to keep this from happening. In the meantime we're also looking into a more permanent solution on our end, whether that's manually hacking the forum code to prevent the error or switching hosts, since all research indicates that it's NOT the forum software but a problem people have running forums on certain hosts. 

Whatever the outcome, with luck we'll have the forums back up and stable soon enough. Sorry for the inconvenience - go out and throw some plastic in the meantime or something :)  


by Mike d on 5/15/2010 at 10:25:50 AM
Anyone for golf at Borderland at 1:30-2:00?

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