Win a 9-hole course and support AM Worlds

5/26/2010 by John Borelli

Here's your chance to win an instant 9-hole course. Just buy a special sparkle DGA Reef putter and you'll be entered in a raffle to win 9 DGA baskets. Put them in your yard or be a hero and donate them to your town. (more info)

From DGA:

A total of 1000 of these special run discs will be produced. Like years past, each disc purchased will come with one raffle ticket. Each raffle ticket will be added to a drawing that will take place during the week of the Am Worlds in Marion, OH (June 28thth-July 3rd, 2010). There will be two winners of this drawing and those winners will each receive a 9 hole custom Mach III course.

Several NEFA golfers headed to AM Worlds

So far, a dozen NEFA members are headed out to AM Worlds this year, so I am sure we'll have lots of stories to share on the blog come late June. This year's NEFA AM Worlds golfers:

* Advanced Senior Grandmasters: Paul Rashaw (CT)

* Advanced Grandmasters: Bradley Arnall (MA), Mike Saimond (CT), Rick Williams (MA)

* Advanced Masters: John Borelli (MA), Bill Dunne (CT)

* Advanced: Nick Connell (CT), Tim Griskus (CT), Chris Piaseczny (MA), Sandy Redd (MA), Abel Rodrigues (CT)

* Advanced Women: Kylie Hoke (CT)

Good luck everyone! One month to go!


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