FDR Ice Bowl promises to be a "rippin' good time"

2/21/2011 by John Borelli

As the Ice Bowl season winds down, be sure to head to NY for the FDR Ice Bowl this Sat., Feb. 26. According to TD Bill Newman, it is a highlight of the Ice Bowl season every year and is well-attended, well-sponsored, and a "rippin' good time."

FDR State Park
Yorktown, NY
Sat. Feb. 26

Sponsors include Captain Lawrence, Stone, Ballast Point, Smutty Nose, Ommegang, Thomas Hooker, Newman's Own, and Blair's Extreme Hot Sauce.

Pot Luck Lunch - Electric power and grills available to cook/heat up food. Awards for best food providers! CTB event at lunch time.

Short and long sleeve Dri Fit shirts available for a $20 donation, as well as CFR custom-stamped Firebirds and Katanas and full color Buzzzs. Ice Bowl disc for all non pros. Teepads will be clear. Large stone shelter and heated bathrooms. For more info, call or email Bill Newman 914-589-019.


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