2015 Stidham Series

11/2/2015 by mcmanus

The 2015 Stidham Series has come to a close. As I look back over the last 3 seasons, I must thank all the players that have participated in it and donated to the cause. I hope everyone has enjoyed. Dave Stidham was one of the most influential people responsible for the huge growth in the game we love over the past 15 years. Esther Stidham and Ken Johansson came by my home on Oct 16th to receive the check for the Haitian donation from our 2015 Stidham Series. It was great to see them. Esther has come a long way since losing Dave (who took care of everything). She’s so very grateful to all the players that continue to support Dave and keep him in our memories. I’ve really enjoyed carrying on the work he started. People say that being a TD is a thankless job. Personally I disagree with that. I received many thanks over the past 3 seasons. Players are generally very appreciative for the efforts that TD’s put forth. This Series always saw so many people willing to help run the events. I’d watch 4-5 player’s jump all over the score port while I could deal with other things. It really was a low cost Series run for the players by the players, with me dealing with the backend reporting. I do see myself becoming involved in running events again in the distant future when life’s responsibilities slow down. Right now my life demands that I step aside and let others who have the time take over these events. Thanks again to all the players and people that always helped out!! We have such a great community of players here in New England!


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