Fruit, Wayne, and Dungeon Masters?

8/19/2010 by John Borelli

A few big arms are still hanging around NEFAland this weekend as they head down to Norwalk, CT for the PDGA A-tier Cranbury Classic. If you weren't able watch them at the Vibram Open this past weekend, then do yourself a favor and head to CT for your last chance until next year. Cranbury Park is a beautiful park and the group down there usually puts on a good show.

Local folks can also head to MA's newest course, Newton Hill, in Worcester for the Newton Hill tournament on Saturday. Or, for you Maine folks, head to DnD Championships in Sidney, ME. Both are NEFA points events.

> Cranbury Classic info
Newton Hill info
> DnD Championships info

Which photo should I have used for this post? It was too hard to choose, especially for Newton.
A dress made of cranberries

Wayne Newton

Dungeons and Dragons


by donnie on 8/22/2010 at 8:12:41 PM
Yeah Tough Choice!

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