Vote now! 1st Annual Tourney Disc Design of the Year Contest

1/4/2011 by John Borelli

It's time to vote in the 1st Annual Tourney Disc Design of the Year contest. The contest is more to show off over 20 of our great disc designs from 2010 and give that TD and his or her crew some bragging rights!

What's the prize for being the favorite? A big cup of Attaboy and the honor of telling your friends that your disc design is a NEFA favorite.

> Vote now!

Voting ends Sunday, Jan. 16. No, it's not too scientific, but it should be fun.


by Matt Stroika on 1/5/2011 at 9:20:24 AM
Great idea. I had no idea that there were so many designs out there. Vote early and often!

by Mark Valis on 1/5/2011 at 4:35:22 PM
Why wasn't the Full Color Pyebrook submitted!

by Stew on 1/5/2011 at 10:13:04 PM
Cubes it already has a Blue Ribbon on it--it must be the winner!

by Bård Soleng on 1/6/2011 at 8:44:59 AM
Where's the Cranbury Classic disc?

by John B on 1/6/2011 at 9:25:33 AM
Sorry, no one submitted it.

by Jay on 1/12/2011 at 11:26:29 AM
Wow! Some tough choices. I was surprised to see that 2-year-old HCC Winter Winds disc is in the running. I had submitted to Jason Southwick a different design that was impractical, so he whipped that one up for me.

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