You Send Em, I Post Em

7/30/2012 by mcmanus

Lucky for you all that there are some folks in NEFAland who are willing to share some disc golf sights and stories, otherwise this blog would be about my Monday morning routine, and believe me, it aint pretty.  So, without further delay, check it out:

Photo submitted by Isaac Chaney

"This is a picture of me in the 2010 Nuese river Rumble 3 in New Bern, NC.  I can remember it like it was yesterday, this was a 2 day tournament and it was the hottest, most muggy day I've ever play disc golf on.  The temperature was 98 degrees with 100% humidity!!  I lost 25 pounds that weekend!  I played the last round with Team Innova player Terry Gallops.  I ended up getting 8 out of 9 birds on the back nine to pass him, but only came in 5th place.  Brian Shweberger won that tourney ....good times!!"


Photo submitted by Sylvia Rodriguez:  Larry Kirk

"Larry Kirk, promoting "Soldiering on For Disc Golf" will be playing in New England this  week (7/29-8/4/12) covering Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  Anyone is welcome to join him on his disc golf tour.  Please contact him for more details at 209-564-7301 or 

His challenge now is to repeat playing the 50 state disc golf courses again, but his time within a year!. 


Photo submitted by Matthew Morris

"Here is a pic of me driving at Buffumville DGC...pretty sure this is hole 3"


My thanks go out to Isaac Chaney, Sylvia Rodriguez and Matt Morris for sending in your pics!!  Now that all you NEFAlanders see just how easy it is to get props on the NEFA blog, may I suggest that you keep em coming!!

To be continued......


by Eric Robinson on 7/30/2012 at 3:31:48 PM
Pretty sure this my brother-in-law..

by arty graustein on 7/31/2012 at 12:53:31 PM
It certainly does look like Hole 3 at Buffumville and if it is that drive looks like its in a lot of trouble.

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