Merry Discmas & Hyzer New Year to All!

12/17/2013 by mcmanus

As disc golfers, we all know what we'd like to get for Christmas....more discs, more apparel and most importantly, more time to play   This should be blatantly obvious to our significant others, so sometimes, we can be at a loss for words when we don't get any of the above for Christmas....from anyone.  This sound familiar?
"Hey Honey, I got you a Soda Stream For Christmas this year, because I know how much you love disc golf!!!...hope you like it!!!"

Well, my fellow discgolf brethren, its time to grab the unruly reindeer by the antlers and demand disc golf goodies this year.  In addition to clue-ing in the clueless, you'll also be helping to support some of our local disc golf businesses in the region, most of whom are offering up some pretty nice holiday discounts.


So lets take this opportunity to send a clear message to our non- disc- appreciating  friends and loved ones this Christmas...."get me something disc related and I won't get you a chia pet in"

Here's wishing all of NEFAland and beyond the very best for the Hyzerdays,...I mean Holidaze.  Please support local businesses when doing your shopping this year...there really is some pretty cool stuff out there, it's just not all in one giant box store




by jim bobka on 12/19/2013 at 6:36:58 AM
awesome stocking! can I get one? I've been good....

by Andrew on 12/19/2013 at 8:47:24 AM
I'll leave one under the basket for you. Cafe Press has some pretty cool stuff like that as an FYI

by Greenleaf on 12/19/2013 at 11:34:33 AM
You would think family would at least get the hint! I got Golf Digest Magazine as a mystery gift last year. Hey its the though that counts...

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