Buff Ice Bowl raises over $5200 for Haiti charity!

3/2/2010 by John Borelli

TD DaveFrom TD David Stidham:

One hundred and ten disc golfers filled up the Buffumville Lake Disc Golf Course in Charlton, Massachusetts on Saturday, February 27 to compete in the 10th annual Buffumville Lake Ice Bowl Doubles. Fifty-five teams played in Pro, Advanced, Advanced Women and Mixed divisions. The mild temperatures, little snow cover, and amazingly puny winds (for Buffumville), together with intermittent sunshine and snow squalls made for the best weather ever for a Buffumville ice bowl.

The big news, however, was the money raised for this year's charity - relief for the victims of the January 12 earthquake in Haiti. The total money raised to date is $5,216. All of this money has been sent to organizations working on the ground to help the earthquake victims. If you want to know more about the projects in Haiti that were supported by the ice bowl, go to the Coastal Haiti Mission web site, and go down the blog on the right to "Organizations and people supported by CHM during earthquake period." Also, Post #1 on the Buffumville Ice Bowl discussion thread lists all the people and organizations who donated this money. To you all, a big thanks!

All ten of the Buffumville Lake ice bowls have benefited Haiti, except one that one was for the tsunami victims in the Indian Ocean in 2004. I usually specify the donations go towards feeding poor Haitian children since the original concept of the ice bowl charities was and continues to be to help out food pantries and other food-for-the-poor programs. Last year was a little different since all the Buffumville donations went to build the Maneska school in the mountains in north Haiti. And, of course, this year all our donations have gone in direct support of the earthquake victims.

Thanks to all the people who helped get Buffumville in great shape for the ice bowl, and for the people who helped me run the tournament. Oh, I can't forget my wife, Esther, for preparing the Haitian lunch, and for my kids (Lina, Youli & Ti David) for helping facilitate the lunch.

Congratulations to the winner of the 2010 Buffumville Lake Ice Bowl Doubles:

> Joe Yaskis and Aaron Ala - Pro. They shot a 47 & 46 for a 93 total after 36 holes, and tied the course doubles record for the Big 18 (1,2, & 12 thru 27).

> Andrew and Jeff Streeter - Advanced. They shot a 48 & 48 for a 96 total.

> Kylie Hoke and Heather Eng - Advanced Women. The ladies shot a 55 & 49 for a 104 total from the short tees.

> Donnie Phillips and Pete Nevius - Mixed. Their scores were 55 & 48 for a 103 total, also from the short tees.


by chris young on 3/1/2010 at 10:32:36 PM
Great work David,Ice Bowl players and everyone else involved in making this a success! Fabulous job!

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