Flood report

4/1/2010 by John Borelli

How are your courses dealing with all this rain, New England?

Post a comment below and let us know!


by jimbob on 3/31/2010 at 3:59:50 PM
What course? OH, you mean the Barre Falls Boating Swimming Fishing and Navy SEAL Training Course? er ah, it's flooded.

by Rob Feeney on 3/31/2010 at 6:05:07 PM
At Bellamy Park in Dover, NH, the river has flooded basket 11 and it may end up eroding the cement base. We may have to move it, if it doesn't wash away first.

by Stew on 4/1/2010 at 5:25:35 AM
The rain makes Pye Brook Park a much more fun course. Our three intermittent ponds are really full right now--true hazards. 7 "water" holes at this point. And since the park doesn't officially open for another week or two, we still have the place pretty much to ourselves. Park outside the Bare Hill Road entrance for a shorter walk to #12.

by Disc Doctor on 4/1/2010 at 8:59:18 AM
JAH-- We got some water at the Tully Lake DG Course (Athol, MA) --there are 4 Holes completely flooded out. The rest of course is high & dry -- well sort of sloppy?? Later...Discin' ON...

by Aubin on 4/1/2010 at 4:31:02 PM
Orange High plains is basically dry, played in sneakers today. Hole 4 has standing water that should be gone by tomorrow... the place drains really well.

by JoBo on 4/1/2010 at 4:54:51 PM
Devens is a bit soggy, but not bad. The usual stream down 5 and across 18, and a few other spots. Teebox 5,6, and 8 are muddy. Basket 8 is in a small puddle. Should dry up nice this weekend! Please start picking up trash that has started to appear, especially butts and bottle caps. Thanks.

by James on 4/1/2010 at 5:14:03 PM
Page is just fine

by rangduce on 4/2/2010 at 7:05:25 PM
Come to vermont! The weather is fine!

by mattjackson on 4/2/2010 at 7:46:28 PM
Cranbury is just fine. A bit soggy. Hole three has a lot of water in the fairway, otherwise it's good to go.

by Andy Powell on 4/2/2010 at 9:17:38 PM
Randolph is mostly dry but the river is raging and eating a lot of discs. Sugarbush is still fine... ...for skiing. :(

by Mergz on 4/5/2010 at 11:16:33 AM
Simonds Park, Burl. MA, - 5-8 is the Soggy Bottom, Boyz. Better today than last WED & THURS.

by Bill T on 4/5/2010 at 12:07:31 PM
Any update on Barre Falls. How long until playable?

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