What makes a good bag good?

6/7/2010 by John Borelli

There seems to be a bunch of new disc golf bags hitting the market the past few months. Some have special pockets for all your junk, some have speakers for your iPod, some can be used as a seat, some have special rain covers, and some come in snazzy new colors and prints.

Are manufacturers giving us what we want and need, or are they just trying to out-do one another and create a specialty bag niche? Do you even need a special disc golf bag? I've seen golfers using plastic grocery bags, backpacks, and old bowling ball bags and they still play well. What makes a good disc golf bag good in your opinion, and do you even need one?

Have you tried or seen any of these new bags? Is it time to ditch the old standard blue bag and upgrade to fancy town? Let us know!



by Mergz on 6/7/2010 at 5:11:28 PM
What came first the diaper bag or disc golf bag? When we got a diaper bag, after our son was born, it reminded me very much of the over the shoulder type golf bags, which led me to wonder which came first and/ or did someone see the potential of one or the other. I currently use a small carry-all. What I like about the "made-for-disc golf bags" is that they have a hard bottom, so they don't tumble on inclines and declines, like mine does. I have to take care in placing my bag on the ground sometimes - nestle it between roots, trees, etc. I've thought about throwing a piece of cardboard or plastic in the bottom but just haven't gotten to it. I had put a down-payment on a bag that my friend in San Francisco had designed a few years ago, but I don't think he's gotten his company off the ground yet. Will he ever? I think I will get something a little more sturdy. Many of my friends in SF used the Revolution bags. Those seem pretty good. I think at a certain point you're paying a lot more for nothing very important. Do I need a slot for a pencil? no. Do I need an ipod rig? no. A Mojito dispenser would be nice. Perhaps we should contact the designers of Al Czervik's golf bag.

by Chri on 6/7/2010 at 7:18:46 PM
I got my Revolution bag in 2005 and it is in nearly perfect shape still. Love it! The only 2 things that could improve are: the pencil holders are too deep ( my pencils disappear and are hard to get back out, yes Mergz... I need a pencil holder a couple times a mth) and the drink/cup holders dont have a solid bottom which isnt good for drinks in bottles...which slide right out and onto the ground. But, I have adapted and love my Revolution bag!!

by Nick+/-Connell on 6/10/2010 at 12:26:41 PM
My fade bag is ripping at the seams, and I've been using it since Aug 2009. It's seen a lot of weather, for sure, but I'd rather not replace the bag this soon. What's the lifespan on others' bags?

by JoBo on 6/10/2010 at 1:25:38 PM
I've had my Fade bag for about 2 yrs now and I just noticed the bottom is starting to show wear. All other seams, zippers, and stress points are fine.

by Ven on 6/13/2010 at 4:56:30 PM
I put extra discs on the bottom of my old back pack to give it some stability. I use 2 different bags and want 1 more. The old back pack is waterproof and great for rainy days. It also is useful in tournaments because I can carry lots of extra discs in case I lose one. I carry an old computer back pack for most rounds It has 4 compartments which I use for Distance Drivers, Mid-Range Drivers, Approach Discs, and Putters. I carry a Frosty Ultimate disc (Sometimes I use it for rescue shots), so most commercial disc golf bags won't fit. I love the idea of a small cooler and disc bag combo. Many of the new soft coolers have enough pockets so they can be used for that.

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