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Somethin's Shakin on Marshall Street: 2014 Pyramids Mixed Doubles & NEFA Auction  

Friday, November 21, 2014  by mcmanus

 The 2014 NEFA Auction and Pyramids Mixed Doubles is all set to go on Saturday, November 22nd.  If you didnt get in on the doubles event, show up anyway and shoot your best round outta three rounds on the world famous pink course (6 mindblowing holes with  bulls eye baskets that won't accept anything less than perfection).  The cost is $10 to play with payouts in auction dollars so you can throw down on some sweet, funkin shwag.  Best of all, its for a good cause & always an epic time!  Grub and drinks are provided, followed by the NEFA Auction at Southwick's off the wall Auction Hall (aka, his house).  Get ready for a Jason Southwick time

Jason Southwick yeah!!   For more deets...CLICK top Top > Comments   (0 comments)

Disc Golf Goes Global! 

Friday, July 11, 2014  by mcmanus

Read all about it!, New England disc golf just got some serious recognition in the press!  Patricia Harris and David Lyon of The Boston Globe provide a very well written article about the sport that's sure to garner some serious attention and curiosity from newcomers
as well as respect and pride from enthusiasts.

Check out the article'll be glad you did! top Top > Comments   (0 comments)

World War I Park DGC, North Attleboro: Ahh... That New Course Smell! 

Monday, June 16, 2014  by mcmanus

Once considered a barren disc golf wasteland,  the Route 495 corridor in Southeastern MA is slowly filling in with new courses. Just a few years ago, Borderland State Park was the only course option between Cape Cod and the disc golf mecca of Central Mass and the North Shore courses.  Since then, Dacey Community Fields DGC has been installed in the town of Franklin and most recently, a 9 hole layout at the beautiful World War I Memorial Park in North Attleboro. 

A great mix of elevation changes, mature hardwoods and large rock outcroppings, WWI Park Disc Golf Course presents a fun and challenging all woods layout surrounded by a beautiful park setting.  Course organizers have hosted several workdays over the last few months to get the 9 hole layout in place (keep an eye on the previously listed facebook link for info on the course).  Presently, the fairways have been carved out and baskets are in place, so let the race for the course record begin!

As is the case with most disc golf courses on public lands, the park has multiple uses, so please respect other users of WWI Memorial Park.  Be sure to park in designated parking areas only and show the same level of respect you would use on your own home course.  This course has the possibility of expanding to 18 holes as long as players continue to show respect for the land, the park facilities and other users of the park. 

Many thanks to Jay Mello, Pete Violet and the many selfless volunteers who have worked on making this latest addition to the 495 corridor a reality!  You can follow the course progress and get the latest info on the WWI Memorial Park DGC facebook page here or on here top Top > Comments   (2 comments)

The David Stidham Tournament Series: Your Donation Dollars at Work 

Monday, January 27, 2014  by mcmanus

Winter in NEFAland means Ice Bowls and there are certainly plenty of local tournaments to choose from each year.  A common thread amongst all Ice Bowls is the charitable motivation behind them  From food pantries to foreign missions and everything in between, Ice Bowls are organized  first and foremost to raise funds for charitable endeavors.  Indeed, it is this charitable component that reminds us all that we can still compete and have fun while raising money for a good cause. 

Gary Cyr  has taken over the David Stidham Tournament Series since the passing of tournament director extraordinaire, & NEFA legend, David Stidham, last year.  Each tournament in the David Stidham Series will have a portion of the proceeds go towards the Coastal Haiti Mission.  David hosted the Buffumville Ice Bowl since its inception along with many other tournaments, and his charity of choice is the Coastal Haiti Mission, a foster care program for homeless children in a section of Northern Haiti.  Not only did David actively raise money for this charity through the many tournaments he directed, he was also involved in the mission first hand, making several trips to Northern Haiti to directly help children in need.  Below is a link to a thank you letter sent from Constance F. Goddard of the Coastal Haiti Mission to all those who have participated in the Buffumville Ice Bowl Series, be it as players, volunteers, organizers and outside donators: 


It certainly does the heart good to see that your charitable donations are going directly towards helping to improve the lives and opportunities of those in need.  If you've never played an Ice Bowl before, I encourage you to do so.  That  intense feeling you get from competing in the sport we all love will be exceeded a thousand fold by knowing you helped contribute to the betterment of those who are truly struggling. 

If you wish to make a charitable donation to the Coastal Haiti Mission, please click here to find out how.

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NEFA- Membership Has Its Privileges 

Tuesday, January 07, 2014  by mcmanus


When you're thinking about whether or not to join a particular club or organization, first and foremost, you will want to know what the membership benefits are.  Additionally, you'll want to know what the organization does, not only for its members, but for the activity itself, the community at large and any educational and charitable endeavors it may support. Indeed, these criterion are essential when considering what, where and how your membership dollars are spent. 

The New England Flying disc Association (NEFA) is a non- profit organization dedicated to promoting disc golf and other frisbee related sports throughout the New England, New York and New Jersey areas.   As a member, you will be eligible to earn points in the NEFA Disc Golf Points Series  (see 2014 Points Series Charter HERE) as well as a chance to compete in the annual New England Disc Golf Championships.  Membership with NEFA not only provides you with an opportunity to play disc golf competitively through an established point series system, it also means you will be part of an organization that is dedicated to supporting, promoting and growing disc golf and other disc related sports throughout the region.  NEFA is managed by hardworking and dedicated volunteers who all share the same passion as the members.  This passion is revealed in the partnerships and public outreach activities that NEFA has established and fostered since its inception.  NEFA membership dues breakdown as follows: 

<!--[$25 for new members (2 for 1 membership specials are typically offered every January of each calendar year)

<!--[$20 for renewals in consecutive calendar years

<!--[$40 for a one household membership

<!--[A $5.00 discount is available to members who sign up for 3 years or more (applied to each year beyond the first 2 years)

<!--[Memberships are usually processed within 2-3 days

Once processed, you will see your membership updated online (including your NEFA member # and expiration date) at  We produce the NEFA bag tags in batches, so it may be a month or more before you receive your membership materials.  If you have questions or problems with your membership, use the form and indicate Membership under Reason for Submission. 

**As a NEFA member, you will quickly realize the tangible sense of satisfaction that goes along with supporting the growth of disc sports in our area.  Support that includes the administration of NEFA grants, involvement with the E.D.G.E Program (Educational Disc Golf Experience), the availability of loaner baskets for emerging disc golf courses and participation in outreach events like the New England Special Olympics.**

NE Special Olympics DG demonstration day

NEFA partnering with the Educational Disc Golf Experience

Once again, NEFA is encouraging all of our tournament directors to take part in a fundraiser for the EDGE program ( The EDGE program focuses on educating the youth on the sport of disc golf. This is a ground up approach to growing the sport that falls directly in line with NEFA's mission. If you are a TD for an upcoming tournament, NEFA sanctioned or otherwise, and want to learn more about how partnering with EDGE as a fundraiser can help enhance your players' tournament experience, please review the following document:


Matthew DeAngelis has been running the EDGE fundraiser at his clubs annual NEFA event, the Borderland Fall Finale, for several years. Matt has this to say: 

 "The EDGE fundraiser just makes sense as a tournament director and someone that wants to see the sport grow. For very little output of effort on my end, I am able to add value to the player experience. EDGE sends along a box of disc golf related merchandise, as well as a generous coupon for Keen products. In turn, I have a volunteer at the event run a CTP contest for players to buy in and win those prizes! The money raised then goes right back to EDGE to fund school initiatives in our state. My players get an extra event to take part in and the money they raised goes towards growing the sport with the youth. It's a win-win!" 

For anyone interested in partnering with EDGE to bring this fundraiser to one of their events, feel free to contact Matt DeAngelis at or reach out to Jay Reading at EDGE,

Vibram Sponsors the NEFA Point Series and NEDGC

The point series and NEDGC will once again be sponsored by our friends at Vibram Disc Golf! This year, we are bringing back the Vibram CTP at every NEFA tournament. Players will now be allowed to use a disc other than Vibram, but that choice will cost extra. Here are the details: 

At every NEFA event, players will be able to compete in a CTP contest for a $25 Vibram online store Gift Certificate and a free tee with their order. Players will be able to purchase throws for $1 if throwing a Vibram disc or $2 for any other manufacturer. The winner will not only receive the gift certificate, but also be entered into a raffle for a brand new Discatcher 28 2014 NEFA Points Basket, Presented by Vibram! Raffle tickets will be available for purchase separately at a later date.  

A huge thank you to Vibram Disc Golf for once again showing their support for our organization, our players, and dedication to growing the sport!

NEFA would not exist without the support of its members and dedicated volunteers.  Support local disc golf and disc related sports.  Join NEFA today and be a part of it! top Top > Comments   (0 comments)

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