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Tips for winter golf 

Monday, February 01, 2010  by John Borelli

Winter golfFiguring out what to wear for a round of winter golf is always tricky. Successfully managing your body's temperature can have a definite effect on your performance. Any thoughts about how cold, wet, or uncomfortable you are will only eat into your concentration and distract you.

Consider these tips the next time you head out into the cold for a round or two. (Post a comment with your own tip!)

* Dress in layers, but overdress for all the pre-round stuff (registration, stretching, playing catch) so you warm up quickly.

* Wear a wicking performance shirt. Even though it's cold out, you're still going to sweat, especially if you are trudging through a foot of snow or more.

* Avoid cotton pants and sweatshirts. Ski pants, nylon jackets or vests, and fleece work great and shed snow. With ski pants, you can sit in the snow or lean against a tree without worrying about walking around with a wet butt the whole round.

* Invest in a pair of waterproof socks and a good pair of boots. Gaiters also work well to keep your feet dry. Warm feet equals happy golfing.

* Wear a glove or mitten on your non-throwing hand and keep a hand warmer in your throwing hand pocket. Try to pick up your disc and brush snow off it with your gloved hand. Keep your throwing hand dry and warm.

* Wear a knit or fleece hat rather than a baseball hat. Keeping your ears and neck warm helps a lot, especially if it is breezy.

* Pack extra socks, shirts, pants, and shoes. Change them for round two and for the ride home.

What else helps you play better in the winter? top Top > Comments   (6 comments)

NEFA 2-4-1 membership deal ends Jan. 31! 

Friday, January 29, 2010  by John Borelli

There are only a few days left to take advantage of NEFA's special two-for-one membership drive. You and a friend can join NEFA for $25 as long as you meet either of these conditions:

* At least one person must be a new NEFA member and must never have been a NEFA member.
* Two new members can join for $25.
* Offer expires January 31 and must be postmarked by that date. You can also use PayPal.

> Full details
> Membership form (PDF) top Top

Vibram joins NEFA as a sponsor 

Monday, January 25, 2010  by John Borelli

VibramThanks to the generous folks at Vibram and the very intuitive thinking of Steve Dodge, NEFA is pleased to announce that Vibram/Vibram Disc Golf will become the official sponsor of the NEFA Points Series.

Vibram has donated a large quantity of discs for the regular season and other potential perks for the NEFA Points Finals. You'll see the Vibram logo on our Points Series page and a banner at all NEFA points events over the course of the season.

There will also be opportunities for players to get one of a kind Vibram discs throughout the season. You know the one's that you see all the Maple Hill guys with? Now you'll get your chance to get your hands on some as well!

NEFA is pleased to announce this relationship with Vibram and we hope that it will open up more doors as we try to grow our sport in New England! top Top > Comments   (2 comments)

Devens Ice Cube Open raises over $1100 for food pantry 

Sunday, January 24, 2010  by John Borelli

Devens, hole 15, Ike WalkerFifty-five golfers descended on Devens disc golf course Saturday, Jan. 23, for the third annual Ice Cube Open Ice Bowl to benefit the Devens Loaves and Fishes. A record $1115 and 330 lbs (306 items) of food was collected and donated to the food pantry that serves several towns that border the former military base in Devens, MA.

The weather could not have been better for winter golf. After a chilly 12-degree start under clear blue skies and plenty of sun, it warmed up to about 32. As an added bonus, the dense 10 inches of snow didn't eat up too many discs, either! Aaron Ala's 50 (-4) was the hot round of the tournament.

Division winners each took home specialty ice cube tray trophies shaped like icebergs, the Titanic, dentures, and skull and crossbones. There were also a bunch of CTPs, and donated chili and fudge for lunch. Luke Adolph and Matt Duquette each nailed an ace, but unfortunately there was no ace pot!

Steve Shiner wins some discs!Steve Shiner and Trenton Solomon won the Disc Grab Bag and took home 14 and 12 new-to-them used discs, respectively. John White (AM2/Rec) and Rob Walker (Pro/AM1) each won a beautiful Innova calendar in the Ring of Ice contest that wrapped up a very fun day.

Top finishers
* Pro Masters: Daniel Marcus
* Advanced: Aaron Ala
* Advanced Masters: JC Vermynck
* Intermediate: Rooney Bianco
* Recreational: Sam Misuraca

Visit the Devens Disc Golf blog for more details, results, and photos. top Top

Mt Kisco Ice Bowl results 

Thursday, January 21, 2010  by John Borelli

The year's first NEFA Points Series event, the Mt Kisco Ice Bowl, took place Saturday, Jan. 1 in NY. The top finishers were:

Pro Open
1. Steve Brinster 94
2. Bobby Cowperthwait 106
3. Bard Soleng 108
T3. Craig Cutler 108

Pro Masters
1. Greg Wintrob 109
T2. Daniel Marcus 113
T2. Tim Jiardini 113

Pro Grandmasters
1. Greg Kurtz 122
2. Rick Williams 117

Women Pro Open
1. Maureen McEarlin 131

Advanced Men
1. Marvin Manolo 112
2. Shawn Mullen 115
3. Dan Tressler 116

Advanced Women
1 Becca Tucker 139
2 Heather Eng 141
3 Kylie Hoke 153

Advanced Masters
1. Jeff Wiechowski 119
2. Brad Dahle 124
3. Gary Mason 126

1. Greg Hoffman 120
2. Ryan Brunelle 127
T3 Jeff Greenberg 135
T3 Travis Broughman 135

1 Justin Hoffman 135
2 Andy Best 146
3 Dave Serpliss 148 top Top

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