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Mt Kisco Ice Bowl results 

Thursday, January 21, 2010  by John Borelli

The year's first NEFA Points Series event, the Mt Kisco Ice Bowl, took place Saturday, Jan. 1 in NY. The top finishers were:

Pro Open
1. Steve Brinster 94
2. Bobby Cowperthwait 106
3. Bard Soleng 108
T3. Craig Cutler 108

Pro Masters
1. Greg Wintrob 109
T2. Daniel Marcus 113
T2. Tim Jiardini 113

Pro Grandmasters
1. Greg Kurtz 122
2. Rick Williams 117

Women Pro Open
1. Maureen McEarlin 131

Advanced Men
1. Marvin Manolo 112
2. Shawn Mullen 115
3. Dan Tressler 116

Advanced Women
1 Becca Tucker 139
2 Heather Eng 141
3 Kylie Hoke 153

Advanced Masters
1. Jeff Wiechowski 119
2. Brad Dahle 124
3. Gary Mason 126

1. Greg Hoffman 120
2. Ryan Brunelle 127
T3 Jeff Greenberg 135
T3 Travis Broughman 135

1 Justin Hoffman 135
2 Andy Best 146
3 Dave Serpliss 148 top Top

New Board and State Reps elected for 2010 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010  by John Borelli

Several new names and faces stepped up this year to run for spots on the NEFA Board of Directors and for NEFA State Representative positions. CT, MA, and ME saw some close contests for State Rep that resulted in new members taking over. Congratulations to all!

NEFA Board

  • * President: Steve Solbo
  • * Vice President: Rob Tatro
  • * Treasurer: Rick Williams

State Reps

  • * CT: Whit Cooper
  • * MA: John Borelli
  • * ME: Ryan Payzant
  • * NH: Blaze Konefal
  • * NY: Bill Newman
  • * RI: Greg Wintrob
  • * VT: Anne Lewis

Contact info for each official is here. top Top

And we're back! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010  by John Borelli

Yep, we know. It's been a while and we're sorry. Things happen, volunteers change, but more importantly, we're moving forward.

With our new volunteers in place, we plan on updating the blog on a regular basis with news and announcements from NEFAland. If you are a TD, course manager, run a league, or have any fun or interesting news you'd like to share, please email us and we'll let NEFA know about it. Send us your photos, amazing shot stories, tournament recaps, or workday announcements. This blog is for you.

Also look for regular updates from each NEFA state representative and NEFA board member. top Top

Stats Updates 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009  by Dave McHale

Well the website has been up for a few weeks now and has received mostly positive reviews - thanks to everyone for any comments and/or critiques & suggestions that have been sent it, we're keeping a list of things which have been suggested so that we can evaluate all ideas and if they "make the cut" we'll see when we get the time to put them in place. Trust me, there's still a lot of cool new things coming to the website so stay tuned to find out when they get launched.

It's been interesting to see how & why people have been accessing the website by looking at the site statistics. 58%+ of you are using IE under Windows, with another 19%+ using Firefox under Windows. 10%+ are Safari/Mac, 7%+ are Firefox/Mac, and we then drop to only 1.5%+ using Chrome for Windows. Interestingly the iPhone takes next place, being the top handheld device reporting (2nd handheld being the iPod Touch). People are hitting the site from their PS3's and Wiis, and honorbale mentions go to the individuals who have hit the site from their PSP and their Blackjack.

Mondays and Tuesdays are the most popular day to visit the site, with Saturdays being the least popular day. The most popular section of the site is the Points Series, but the Events page doesn't fall far behind that. The most popular division in the Points Series being watched, by a LONG shot, is.... Advanced! And a surprising number of you still have not updated your bookmarks to the new forum URL, since 1400+ hits have hit the old URL since the site change. :) top Top

And we're live 

Monday, April 20, 2009  by Dave McHale

Here we are! The new website is officially unveiled to the public. Thanks to the NEFA membership for their patience during this process.

Take a look around - and just because the site is live doesn't mean we're done working on it, there are still a lot of things which we plan to add in the very near future. If you have issues with anything on the site or have suggestions for new features to add, feel free to submit your question/comment/issue via the Contact Form so we know about it. Enjoy! top Top

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