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Flatrock Ice Bowl raises food and funds for local charity 

Thursday, January 20, 2011  by John Borelli

 Just received this newspaper article published yesterday in the Athol Daily News. You have to be a subscriber to read it, so here it is below. Nice job, Flatrockers!

Submitted by Sean Franchi:

On Saturday January 8 the FlatRock Disc Golf Club hosted its 10th Annual Ice Bowl where players compete in 2 rounds of 18 holes of disc golf -- no matter what the weather. Entry fee for players is 5 pounds of food or cash equivalent going to a local food pantry.

Between January 1 and February 27 each year disc golf courses around the country hold Ice Bowls. The only steadfast rule is that the event cannot be cancelled for weather related reasons.

In the past FlatRock has enjoyed Ice Bowl conditions ranging from -5 degrees in 2005 to 68 degrees in 2007. Players have played in snow as deep as two feet before, but this year the weather really cooperated. Participants enjoyed 22 degrees and played on a mere 2 inches of snow.

Collectively, nationwide, the goal this year is to raise $3000,000 for food charities. This is a realistic goal given last years numbers of 222 events with over 11,000 participants raising $279,746 dollars and more than 34 tons of food.

Sixty-two players competed at FlatRock this past Saturday and between them they raised 215 pounds of food and $286 dollars. This year the donations are earmarked for the North Quabbin Catholic Community food programs. top Top

Waveny Open disc wins Best Design of the Year contest! 

Monday, January 17, 2011  by John Borelli

Congratulations to the Waveny crew for winning the first annual Best Design of the Year contest! Five-star votes flooded the poll giving the Wave a commanding win with an average 4.31 out of 5 stars.

Coming in second by a hair was the Sap Bucket design with a 3.47 rating, followed by the Pyebrook EMC design at 3.46.

> See all designs

Over one hundred sets of votes were tallied. Thanks for voting and l look forward to some more great designs in 2011!

1st - Waveny Open, 4.31 stars

2nd - Sap Bucket, 3.47 stars

3rd - EMC, 3.46 stars

Waveny Open - 4.31
Sap Bucket - 3.47
E. MA Championships - 3.46
Fool's Fest - 3.38
J-Park Jammer - 3.24
Borderland Spring Fling - 3.19
Get Ripped Wide Open - 3.19
GHDGO - 3.18
Battle of Saratoga - 3.06
Animalfest - 3.02
Turkey Throwdown - 3.00
Pyramids 21 - 2.98
Newton Hill - 2.94
NEFA Finals - 2.84
Run for the Border - 2.55
Mighty Gaw - 2.40
Dam Tournaments - 2.39
Amesbury Pines Open (APO) - 2.31
Newcomers Ball - 2.16
April Showers - 1.97
King of the Hill - 1.83
Pyramids Doubles - 1.80
Winter Winds - 1.58 top Top

Frozen apples, yes. Frozen Boutin, no! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011  by John Borelli

Over a foot and a half of fresh snow is not going to keep Don Boutin from holding his Frozen Apples tournament this Saturday at Hyland Orchards and Brewery.

Tim Walsh sent in this photo of Don clearing teepads this morning. Don't let Don's hard work be for nothing! Sign up for his tournament now!

> More info

> Bigger photo top Top > Comments   (1 comments)

2-4-1 NEFA membership deal ends soon! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011  by John Borelli

We are once again running our NEFA membership deal through the end of Jan. Any current NEFA member may sign up a new member for free! That's $25 for two people or $12.50 each.

It's a great way to officially get involved with NEFA, show your support, and help fund new courses and programs throughout New England. Members are automatically entered into the NEFA Points Series whenever they play NEFA-sanctioned events. It's a fun way to add another level of competition among your friends and see where you stack up among similar players in the region.

> Join online here

> More membership info

One person must already be a NEFA member who is renewing his membership. The other person must be a brand-new member.

Several renewing members have offered up their freebie to the masses, so check out the message board to find somebody. top Top > Comments   (1 comments)

NEFA was at the Rose Bowl 

Monday, January 10, 2011  by John Borelli

Since the final FCS Bowl game is on tonight, I thought I'd dig out some archives of NEFA's own Davis Johnson at the Rose Bowl back in 1975. Watch Davis win the 1975 World Distance Championships with a 295 ft throw. Looking good, Davis! top Top > Comments   (3 comments)

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