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Thrilling weekend ahead in MA 

Thursday, October 21, 2010  by John Borelli

Devens disc golf course hosts it's annual Thrill on the Hill Dubs and Speed tournament this Saturday in Devens, MA. 

While the actual doubles event is a good time and a great opportunity for new players to try doubles or play their first tournament (there are 12 Rec players signed up!), the showcase event of the day is the 4-hole speed round.

If you haven't been to Devens, it is an up and down course built on an old army training hill. If you are out of shape it's challenging enough to walk, never mind run. Brave souls who sign up for Speed have a big challenge ahead of them and are probably slightly wacked in the head. 

Speed is a timed race of 4 holes with your final time a result of your score and time. If you are over par, penalty time is added per stroke; if you are under par time is subtracted. Players go off at 30-second intervals.

The first hole (13) has an elevated tee and levels out through some beautiful pines. Heading down the incline after your tee shot is always fun because you naturally want to watch where your disc went but also have to watch your step as you go down the hill. Some less-than-graceful golfers (like me) have wiped out much to the delight of the crowd on tee 13. Good times.

The second hole (14) is a doozy  that goes straight up the 310 ft hill at a pretty steep clip. Next, you are rewarded with an "easy" 100 footer from tee 15's teepad to hole 9's basket. It's a good opportunity to catch your breath and bag a 2, but since you're lungs are screaming and your head feels like it's about to explode, it's not always that easy.

The fourth and last hole (10) is a 215 ft downhill toss, another great place to wipe out running full throttle down the hill. After you putt out, a "simple" 40-yard uphill dash to the finish line at tee 11 is all it takes to receive the respect and admiration of the disc golf world! 

Last  year's record of 2:47 (even par 12, no penalties) by Kevin Fox is going to be hard to beat, but you never know what'll happen out there!

Tully Octoberfest

Also this Sunday is the Tully Octoberfest, a free event at Tully disc golf course in Athol, MA. Get on out there for some free disc and grub! top Top

It's good to be "The Greg" 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010  by John Borelli

Congratulations to all divisional winners in the 2010 NEFA Point Series. If your name was Greg, you had a good chance at winning as 3 of 10 winners proved!

> Full results


Divisional Winners

- Pro Open: Steve Brinster

- Pro Masters: Greg Wintrob

- Pro Grandmasters: Greg Kurtz

- Women's Pro Open: Anne Lewis

- Advanced: Greg Aucoin

- Women's Advanced: Heather Eng

- Advanced Masters: Jeff Wiechowski

- Women's Intermediate: Jenilee Desrosiers

- Intermediate: Dave Richardson

- Rec: Phelan Lyman


NEFA Points Finals is a wet, but fun, one

The NEFA Points Finals tournament was held this past Saturday at Sugarbush Mt in Warren, VT. Despite rainy, snowy, and windy conditions, some decent golf was played and good times where had. The great lunch and fun after-party more than made up for the weather, too!

Here's a brief blurb from TD Anne Lewis:

We had beautiful sunny weather with rainbows, something like 60 degrees out, and Sugarbush had pretty white snow on top. (NOT!) Congratulations to all the winners and for everyone finishing their rounds. Thanks to all our sponsors and everyone that made this event possible.

> Full results

> A few photos courtesy Jeff W top Top

Congrats, you made it into the NEFA Finals 

Thursday, October 14, 2010  by John Borelli

Congratulations! You qualified for the NEFA Finals and made the first cut by getting an official invite. Now what? 

What's your strategy for the day? Are you preparing for this tournament any differently than the rest? Have you been practicing more or less this week? Are you letting your body rest or are you keeping it in shape by playing more? 

Are you feeling the pressure to do well since you are one of the best players in New England, or are you just "happy to be nominated'? In any case have a blast this weekend, enjoy the beautiful VT mountains, and have a good time with your disc golf friends and family.

Be sure to thank VT NEFA state rep Anne Lewis and her crew for pulling this thing together! And don't forget Jeff Wiechowski for keeping us informed of who's in, not in, wants to be in, doesn't want to be in, and everything else in between. (Don't you have a day job, Jeff?!)

Lastly, everyone pray for no rain (although it seems to be a recent NEFA Finals tradition to be cold and rainy). Boo rain!!
Good luck! top Top

Going to NEFA Finals? Let us know now! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010  by John Borelli

Wednesday noon is the deadline for those who qualified for the NEFA Finals to claim their spots. If you qualified and have not yet accepted your invite, do it now! If you can't make it, let us know now as well so golfers on the waitlist can make plans to go. top Top > Comments   (1 comments)

Newcomers head to Pyramids while Aces race 

Thursday, October 7, 2010  by John Borelli

The Newcomers Ball held this Saturday at Pyramids in Leicester, MA is a great way to introduce a new player to tournament play. 

Another fun way to get some pseudo-tournament experience is at an Ace Race where players throw from shortened tees and hope for metal or an ace. The person with the most "metals" or aces wins! There are two this weekend, one at Tully Dam in Athol, MA and another at Panthorn in Southington, CT.

For all West Thompson tag holders, don't forget about the WT Bag Tag Tourney this Sunday.

After this crappy rainy week, let's get out there and chuck some plastic! top Top

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