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Which disc is not in the basket? 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010  by John Borelli

Question: Which disc is not officially in the basket?

Answer: All discs but the yellow one will complete the hole once the owner gets to the basket and removes it before it possibly falls down and out.

Check out the PDGA's new Rules School feature where rules are broken down, clarified, and illustrated. This week's rule deals with interference and answers the often-debated "Is this disc officially in the basket?" top Top > Comments   (5 comments)

Sap Bucket photos added to gallery 

Monday, May 17, 2010  by John Borelli

The rain stayed away for the Sap Bucket and we were able to shoot a few photos. They've been added to the photo gallery.

If you have any local disc golf photos from league, workdays, events, amazing shots, etc., let me know and I'll add them to the gallery. top Top

Forum outage, part deux - UPDATED 

Saturday, May 15, 2010  by Dave McHale

We're back again, with more info and more updates to the code on the server to try and accommodate our current hosting - at least while we do more research. Enjoy!

Looks like more issues today on the forums, folks :( Ticket is once again submitted to the host, and we're looking for confirmation that the long-term fixes we were promised yesterday were actually applied or what else may be required to keep this from happening. In the meantime we're also looking into a more permanent solution on our end, whether that's manually hacking the forum code to prevent the error or switching hosts, since all research indicates that it's NOT the forum software but a problem people have running forums on certain hosts. 

Whatever the outcome, with luck we'll have the forums back up and stable soon enough. Sorry for the inconvenience - go out and throw some plastic in the meantime or something :) top Top > Comments   (1 comments)

Forum outage 

Friday, May 14, 2010  by Dave McHale

NEFA-ites... We've submitted a ticket to our hosting company, since the forums appear to be down and our admin tools won't even let us in to view the database to debug the issue ourselves. Spread the word we're working on it and we'll have it back as soon as possible. It's a hosting issue we've seen before, and unfortunately probably will see again.

It does NOT appear that the outage is related to any of the recent upgrades, but is a more generic database issue. Fortunately the main NEFA website and the forums are hosted with two separate providers, which is why this message can get out to people while the forums are down.

We'll post an update when we have more info on when the forums are up, can be expected up, or hopefully know what went wrong so that we CAN prevent this issue in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience and with luck they'll be back soon! top Top > Comments   (3 comments)

Sap Bucket this weekend 

Friday, May 14, 2010  by John Borelli

Vermont holds it's first NEFA and PDGA event of the year, the Sap Bucket Open, at Center Chains disc golf course in Waterbury Center this Saturday.

The course has a beautiful mix of open and lightly wooded holes spread across the rolling foothills of the Green Mountains.

* Event info
* Course info

And surprise, surprise, there's rain in the forecast. Grumble grumble. top Top

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