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Five events to choose from this weekend 

Friday, April 23, 2010  by John Borelli

You have plenty of choices again this weekend! Two events in the NY/NJ area, one in MA, one in NH, and one in ME. Pick one and start chucking!

* New York State Championships at Warwick Park in Warwick, NY (qualifier for the NY USDGC Representative) -- spots available (info) (players)
* Pinnacle Spring Run Off at Pinnacle DGC in Newport,NH -- spots available (info)
* The Jack at Enman Field in Brunswick, ME -- spots available (info)

* Flatrock Surprise at Flatrock DGC in Athol, MA -- spots available (info)
* The Mighty Gaw at Campgaw DGC in Mahwah, NJ (PDGA, NEFA) - waitlist (info) top Top

A Greener Golf  

Thursday, April 22, 2010  by John Borelli

Submitted by Doug Bechtel:

What were you doing on April 22, 1970, the date of the first Earth Day? Chances are you were not playing disc golf, but a few people in Rochester, NY were.

In August of that year they were organizing tournaments and league play (more info). Now played by millions, disc golf is clearly the greener option than the manicured course ball and stick option. Is it coincidence that disc sports have attracted much of the same crowd that in the 1970s was leading the social and environmental movements? I think not.

To celebrate this 40th Earth Day, remember to respect the course, pick up after yourself, and promote our green sport. Pretty impressive that every course I go to recycles and offers a nature-rich experience. No recorded bird songs -- they are real. Fewer fertilizers and pesticides. No filling or re-shaping wetlands. Without the lands, we got nothing. Happy Earth Day. top Top > Comments   (4 comments)

MPT kicks off in record fashion 

Thursday, April 22, 2010  by John Borelli

Submitted by Jeff Conant:

Under the shaken snow globe skies of Vassalboro, ME, the 2010 Maine Players Tour (MPT) got off to a record start. Nine-eight players started the day at the 15th Annual Before the Bugs Bite tourney, tying the Maine disc golf attendance record set last year at Acker's Acres MPT event.

The first round saw Jason Dore shoot a super-fresh 40, out-distancing the nearest Pro Open competitor by 7 shots. Dore held on with a 46 in the 2nd round to win the MPT opener and $180 for his efforts. Mike Fyfe Jr., aided by a hot 43 2nd round, finished in 2nd place while small Paul Babb finished in 3rd with 95.

Other divisional winners:

* Pro Masters - Chris "caveman" Clement 49 50 99 $100
* AM1 - Bryan "ganstaface" Jordan 50 47 97 $151
* Adv. Women - Alicia Marceau 60 63 123 $40
* Adv. Masters - Pat Laflamme 55 54 109 $50
* Int. Women - Melissa Payzant 87 81 168 $18
* Int. Men - Ben Lombard 50 49 99 $30
* Rec. - Tyler Roberts 59 60 119 $6

CTP winners:

* Hole 1 - Dann Flagger -signature disc
* Hole 16 - Ben Dunlap - 10Down goodies
* Hole 18 - Nick Blouin - hat & mini
* $475 ACE POT split 3ways - Damien Morris Lee Alexander Jeremy Angel

Lee, Damien, and Jeremy came up all ACEs. Smile boys!

Many thanks goes out to Burnsboro DGC, Greg H. TD, Melissa, Quaker Lunch, and everyone who came out making the tourney and the day historic.

10DOWN Crown unveil soon... top Top

New course in MA looking for basket sponsors 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010  by John Borelli

Submitted by Straight Shootin Don Boutin:

Hyland Orchard and Brewery in Sturbridge, MA (website) has jumped on board and decided it is time to add a disc golf course to its list of things to do. With over 100 acres of unused land and a brewery, it is the perfect place to install a new course. The difference in terrain and elevation changes make it an interesting place to play.

The course is going through some changes to improve the holes and layout. Last year's tournament was played on a course that was two months old and just a temporary layout. We had our sights on a bigger and better layout for a permanent course and this year we get to do just that. Holes have already begun to change. The course length will be close to Maple Hill Blues when it is all done and will have short tees for all to enjoy.

This course needs some help to get it in the ground, however. I have come up with a no-brainer plan to get this course up and running as quickly as possible. With the help of you generous New England disc golfers in NEFAland, Hyland will have the best of everything.

We are looking for basket and tee box sign sponsors. So many people have jumped on board already but we need more. I am offering lifetime memberships for up to five people who donate $350 toward a Chainstar basket. Their names will forever be assigned to that basket. That is only $70 per person.

Lifetime memberships will run $350 and one year membership will start at $30 and may grow as the course does. A $50 tee box sign sponsor will you get a 5 year membership. Businesses and corporate sponsors are welcome also.

With five baskets payed for and nine more potential sponsors with checks on the way, we just need a few more to get this order in. Check out our discussion thread for a current list of sponsors. Help grow the sport and a new course, and get a deal on a lifetime membership before it is to late. Email me for more information.

Last year's PMC Doubles tournament and charity auction was a blast and this year will be bigger and better with a new layout and more prizes. top Top

Billy Dunne is King of the Hill 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010  by John Borelli

Congratulations to Pro Open winner, 18 year old Billy Dunne, for winning this year's King of the Hill crown at the KOH2 in Devens, MA. Billy shot a hot 104 (-4) to win, but what makes his win even more impressive is that it was his first time playing the course. This was also Billy's second win in a row after having won FDR Fools Fest earlier this month. Watch out all you New England Pros, Billy's on fire!

After a not-so-hot Rd 1, Pro Shaun LaForce turned it around in Rd 2 and shot an unofficial 1001-rated round with a tournament best score of 51. He also won two CTPs and a cash throw-off at the end of the day. Not bad!

AM2 hotshot Andrew Duquette also went home with a few extra dollars in his pocket after hitting hole 2 for an ace in Rd 2. Cha-ching and  $129 richer!

Marcy Borelli did a great job officially TD-ing her first tournament, but almost went home a widow. Early in Rd 1, I was on hole 16 taking photos as golfers threw down the hill. I was leaning against a tree just behind the basket when I realized that after worrying about making sure players got enough bagels, donuts, and muffins during check-in, I had forgotten to eat something myself. I stepped away from the tree to call Marcy to ask her to send someone down with a muffin when I heard a loud "snap!" and a huge branch from the tree I was just leaning against came crashing down to where I had just been standing! Pretty freaky. As someone later told me, "That would have put a damper on things."

I'd like to thank our main sponsor, the Devens Grill, for donating a good chunk of money to the cause, as well as our many hole sponsors whose generosity enabled us to give out a killer players pack full of plastic, cotton, sugar, and matches. Did anyone hit it big on the scratch tickets beside Donnie Phillips' $10 winner?

Thank you also to John Rodenhizer and Dave James for spotting and helping out beforehand, Marcy's right-hand woman Sue for helping with check-in, scoring, and everything else, and for the guys who stayed late and helped clean up. Hill Yeah!

And of course, thank you golfers for making this our most successful and popular event yet. I still can't believe we sold out in just two days in only our second year. Marcy and I hope you had a great time and left with your bellies full of pizza and brownies and your brains full of good memories.

For more stories, highlights, photos, and tales of near-death, visit the Devens Disc Golf blog over the next several days.

All winners were awarded a custom dyed Dirty Birdie disc.

* Pro Open - Billy Dunne 104
* Pro Master - Doug DeSalvo 120
* Pro GM - Ken Gary 111
* AM1 - Derek Brazauskas 110
* Adv Master - James Beaulieu 115
* Adv Women - Rachael Hudson 131
* AM2 - Leo Lacwasan 114
* Rec - Jeff Cooper 134 top Top

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