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Its Election Time 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011  by mcmanus


That's right NEFA members, its time to get the vote out for the NEFA Board members as well as your state representatives.  As an added convenience this year, the NEFA Board of Directors has provided for online voting right here on  Check out the link to the thread here:   

The board is also reaching out to members who do not frequent the nefa discussion forums by facilitating their vote via an e-mail link!!  Remember, you MUST be a NEFA member to vote....faudulent voting will be a punishable offense via disc firing squad of top NEFA pros, so please be honest, vote your conscience and no funny business!

A big THANK YOU goes out to the NEFA Board of Directors for bringing the voting mechanisms up to speed for our members.  Best of luck to all the candidates who have competition! top Top

White October 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011  by mcmanus

As snow blanketed much of New England from the surprising Nor'easter  this past weekend, I'm sure many were asking themselves "hmmm....halloween party or skiing?"  Living on Cape Cod, I truly cannot begin to empathize with my fellow discgolfers who happen to live in the snowbelt areas around central Mass, CT, VT, NH and ME.  Yes, once again, Cape Cod and SE Mass/coastal areas were spared for the most part from the onslaught, so if you're looking for a snow-free round, c'mon out to the coastal courses.  For those who got hit hard, I guess ribbon & yax trax season came early this year.   Here's hoping the warmish temps this week will make quick work of old man winter's premature dumping and Fall disc golf can resume under relatively normal conditions.

As usual at this point in my blog, I implore you to send me some courses underway, erotic chainsaw stories, clever ideas, whatever comes to mind, my door is always open to new ideas.  More to come soon! top Top > Comments   (1 comments)

Cape Cod Disc Golf Open 

Thursday, October 20, 2011  by mcmanus

The Cape Cod Disc Golf Club is proud to announce their first tournament:  The Cape Cod Disc Golf Open on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at Burgess Park in the village of Marstons Mills (Barnstable)
Preparations have been underway for a while now. Todd Lapham, Josh Rogers and many other members of the Cape Cod Disc Golf Club have been busy at work on the course, renovating Tee boxes, installing course signage, and performing general course maintenance. A huge thank you goes out to all that have been involved but have not been named!
As for the CCDGO, the players packs are in and will include a custom stamped wizard (design by Erica Johnson), custom  stamped mini, and a sticker. We have another 18 discs that will be used as CTP's. One hole will be chosen for the 2nd round of play and each card will have a CTP winner on it! There are some other prizes including apparel and discs that will also be given out!! 
The official Tournament Flyer is attached  
If you have not already signed up here is how you do it:
Pre-register for this event either using our online registration page or save 2$ by notifying us and paying before 10/21,
paypal to

Please Include your PDGA# contact info and the division that you will play.

Snail mail and checks payable to:

Todd Lapham
PO Box 104
Marstons Mills, MA
02648 top Top > Comments   (2 comments)


Monday, October 17, 2011  by mcmanus



We've all used some type of ackronym to describe our ideas and opinions online, ranging from "IMO" and "IMHO", to "just my .02"  and perhaps a few more choice phrases.  Whether its concerns, feedback, critiques, complaints, rants, diatribes or manifestos, the need to have one's voice heard is a basic human desire.  Some truly great ideas come from this desire to be heard while other times it can lead to disagreements, arguments and the occasional name calling.   Regardless of the outcome, its a necessary part of effective communication and whether it is delivered with tact or abrasive uncut honesty, the inevitable outcome is a renewed perspective on the issue at hand and this often translates into fantastic ideas!

So do not despair if your idea gets barraged with terd bombs because the post has a missing comma or contains a run on sentence or some other poster just thinks it plain ole bring up a valid point and you deserve an answer or explanation at the very least.  So, lets strive for some good communication because I guarantee, it will result in the generation of good ideas!

Hey!, speaking of ideas....I'm wide open to any and all you have for the nefa blog...otherwise you'll continue to read life lesson drivel like this from now on, so bring it...please. top Top > Comments   (6 comments)

Wild Times At Warwick This Weekend! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011  by mcmanus

The Skylands Flying Disc Club will be hosting the 13th annual Animalfest at Warwick Town Park, a PDGA sanctioned disc golf tournament held on October 15th-16th, 2011

We are expecting our tournament field to fill with 90 of the area’s best players, which will draw crowds to

 watch the event throughout the weekend. These traveling disc golf players and spectators will be

patronizing many of the local businesses in the Warwick/West Milford area.

Pre-registration list here top Top

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