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Kids Disc Golf 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016  by Site Admin


Registration is now live!

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Kids Disc Golf is excited to be offering the 2nd Annual Kids Disc Golf Tournament October 16 at Rapscallion Disc Golf Course in Sturbridge, MA. This year our event is being hosted by Green Light Disc Golf

Rapscallion Disc Golf Course 195 Arnold Road Sturbridge, MA 01518

The tournament portion of the event will consist of one round on a special course layout at Rapscallion Disc Golf Course. The check-in for the tournament portion begins at 1PM and ends at 1:30PM. The tournament round will begin soon after the "Players Meeting". We expect the round to last about an hour and a half. When the round is complete there will be field games for putting, driving, and accuracy. Following the field games we will announce the tournament round winners as well as the field game winners.

The players pack at this point will include a disc suitable for small arms as well as a mini. The players pack will continue to grow the closer we get to the event (sponsorships that come in allow us to give away more!)

The registration cost is $10 per entrant. This all goes back to making the day a success primarily through providing player’s packs and prizes to the kids. Last year we were able to give away disc golf bags, stools, drink bottles, mini discs, stickers and other discs due to sponsorships! If you would like to sponsor us financially you can do so by filling out the sponsor fields in the sign-up below.

Contact us through our Facebook page at Kids Disc Golf and stay up to date on event announcements!

Registration goes live September 1 at 5PM

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2015 Stidham Series 

Monday, November 2, 2015  by mcmanus

The 2015 Stidham Series has come to a close. As I look back over the last 3 seasons, I must thank all the players that have participated in it and donated to the cause. I hope everyone has enjoyed. Dave Stidham was one of the most influential people responsible for the huge growth in the game we love over the past 15 years. Esther Stidham and Ken Johansson came by my home on Oct 16th to receive the check for the Haitian donation from our 2015 Stidham Series. It was great to see them. Esther has come a long way since losing Dave (who took care of everything). She’s so very grateful to all the players that continue to support Dave and keep him in our memories. I’ve really enjoyed carrying on the work he started. People say that being a TD is a thankless job. Personally I disagree with that. I received many thanks over the past 3 seasons. Players are generally very appreciative for the efforts that TD’s put forth. This Series always saw so many people willing to help run the events. I’d watch 4-5 player’s jump all over the score port while I could deal with other things. It really was a low cost Series run for the players by the players, with me dealing with the backend reporting. I do see myself becoming involved in running events again in the distant future when life’s responsibilities slow down. Right now my life demands that I step aside and let others who have the time take over these events. Thanks again to all the players and people that always helped out!! We have such a great community of players here in New England! top Top

David Stidham & The Coastal Haiti Mission 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015  by mcmanus


This month we pause to remember David Stidham and the school in Maneska:  THANK YOU DISC GOLFERS!

We want to thank the Disc Golf Players who have continued to support the Maneska School after David Stidham's Death. The photos below indicate a sampling of the wonderful fruit that their investment has continued to make.

David R Stidham 1948 - March 24, 2013

      Now 2 years later

A message from Pastor Coty Joseph to the Disc Golf Players:

Hi, this is a picture of the five first-time students of the school of Manesca that Christama is leading. These five students just went to the final exams. All of them passed the exams. Now they are in high school. That is very good for the school because not many schools get this good result.

Me and Christama Jean Baptiste at Manesca, in front of the School.
Those palms branches are the exact look of the school when we started it, until God sent Papa Da ( David ) to help us, but now as we grow, we had to use them again, if we don't those kids won't go to school.

This is the School that David built for them with an additional classroom made of branches of palms at that end. There are 3 more in the back.

                            This is the inside of the classroom. The women sitting is the teacher. Rain is not a good sign for them.

Like every kid, they have a future.

Inside of the school building.

Another classroom in the back.

Your support is making a big difference!


Coastal Haiti Mission's part in helping the school in Maneska is to deliver the money to Christama and to record and evaluate the progress that is ongoing.

Pastor Coty wrote the following a few months ago:

I went to Maneska to see the School, as I told you that I would be going this month after I receive the Money. I take them the money and also I was able to see the school again and the work that Christama is doing over there. I know you already know, that going there is a tough ride. I need one day to go and to come back, but 2 to 3 days to rest. But I always have a joy to go, because I go for a reason. They were more than happy when they saw me. Christama, the kids and everyone. Those pictures will give you an idea on how the things are over there.


Then, just as we were about to publish this newsletter, Pastor Coty wrote to us again. A portion of his email follows:

I want to take this time to talk about Maneska, a place where David Stidham has helped when he was alive. Last January, I had my third trip to Maneska. It is so hard to get there. I remember when I first go there with David, it took us 6 hours walking to get to Maneska and another 6 hours to come back. It is way up the mountain, but it's the place where Christama lives and where he has a school for the children there.
When David got there, he found the classes meeting under palm branches. He help them to be under a tin roof ( a building). However, there was no food for the kids and no salary for the teachers. Christama, who is the school founder and the school principal asks every parent to contribute something so he can pay the teachers. But they don't pay, whenever he asks them. They say, we do not have anything to pay with, and it's easy to believe what they say (we do not have).
Two days ago, I receive a phone call from Christama saying, Pastor, now I am teaching 2 classes myself. Another teacher just leave because she says, she cannot do it anymore, and I could not do anything, because I don't pay them a salary.
Christama says, two times after David died, I received Donations for the School in Maneska, I don't think that there is any way that the donors would imagine how much their gift, is such a huge blessing to so many.
Disc Golfers, Christama is thanking you.

Sent by Pastor Coty Joseph, edited by Ken Johansson top Top


Wednesday, March 4, 2015  by mcmanus


First off, Vibram Disc Golf is once again sponsoring our entire NEFA Points Series, providing NEFA with a Discatcher 28 basket and a CTP Prize Pack for every event!  This year will run the same as last year, with a Vibram CTP contest going on at every NEFA Points Event throughout the season, either at lunch and/or after the second round of play.  The cost is just $1 to throw a Vibram disc or $2 to throw a non-Vibram disc.

The Vibram CTP winner at each tour stop will receive:

-Prototype Valley
-X-Link Glow Disc
-Vibram disc golf towel
-Vibram disc golf brochure
-One free entry into the 2015 NEFA Raffle (Discatcher Pro 28 Grand Prize!!)

Additional raffle tickets can be purchased for the end of season raffle.  The grand prize is a Discatcher 28 2015 NEFA Points Basket, presented by Vibram!  Additional prizes will be drawn, providing more than one chance to freakin sweet is that!?!

For all Tournament Directors, we are pleased to announce another year with Pure Flight Disc Golf as our preferred vendor.  If you are running a NEFA Points event and you need some help with player packs, CTP contest prizes, onsite tournament vending and AM merchandise payout, please contact Pure Flight to see what they have to offer.  Here are some quick hits of what you get when working with Pure Flight for your event:

-  A discount rate of 17% on Amateur Payouts.  IF the total AM payouts are $1,000, Pure Flight will provide $1,000 worth of vouchers   and the TD only pays $830!  Where does that extra $170 go you ask? the club for fundraising? the TD for being awesome? the NEFA Prez because he's such a great guy?  YOU decide where YOU want that money to go!!

 -At the request of the TD, Pure Flight will donate a minimum of 2 prizes at any event they are vending

-Pure Flight will provide ONSITE VENDING with a full complement of discs for all the player's DG needs.  For PDGA events, Pure Flight will work with the TD to upload unofficial results to the PDGA immediately following completion of the event.  Coupon codes will also be available for players who need to leave before cashing in, or in the event Pure Flight cannot attend in person

-Tournament promotion through Pure Flight's Facebook page

So, WHOOMP, THERE IT IS!!  Be sure to take advantage of these sweet NEFA promotional offers...DON'T MISS OUT!! top Top

Mt Kisco Face Lift 

Thursday, February 26, 2015  by mcmanus

Story submitted by Aaron Frank (W.e.D.G.E)

Hole 1 Leonard Park/Mt Kisco DGC

     After a 2014 festooned with shovels, rakes, pavers, tampers, item 4, and the blood, sweat, and expletives of countless dedicated disc golfers, Westchester Disc Golf Enthusiasts (WeDGE) is proud to announce the opening of the revitalized Mt. Kisco Disc Golf Course at Leonard Park. Thanks in large part to the generosity of NEFA and its members, a classic course originally designed by the father of disc golf has been given more than just a needed facelift.

For years, the Kisco Klassic Ice Bowl has been the first event on the NEFA calendar, a plum position which also had the unfortunate side effect of exposing its state of disrepair. Even after replacing the course's well-worn original baskets, feelings of frustration finally culminated in 2014's event when the ancient natural tee zones took on the look of primordial ooze, the rain making for a miserable slip and squelch through 36 mud-flecked holes. Following the event, WeDGE applied for a NEFA Large Grant, hoping that you all would agree about the historical significance of the course and the desperate need for repairs. Thanks to NEFA, the grant was awarded, and WeDGE was faced with its biggest and most critical challenge yet in completing the construction of 18 complex, paved teepads and a large-scale course redesign in time for the 2015 Klassic.

NEFA, WeDGE is really proud to say that we got there. I mean, really proud. The volunteer effort poured into this project is difficult to explain. WeDGE members went from organizing, to sketching, to preparing, to testing new layouts, and eventually dedicated many months to the herculean task of building the teepads themselves. All of the work was completed by WeDGE members and friends, with no substitutions or paid assistance. In particular, the effort was pulled through by four extremely talented and borderline insane project leaders: John Garb, Daver Coats, Jack Bradley, and Ryan Korczykowski.

This was not a fly-by-night operation; these pads are beautiful and built to last, and we want you to come out and see for yourselves. Ask anybody who visited for the 2015 Kisco Klassic, held on January 10th. Hopefully, they will tell you that the disc golf community came together and breathed new life into one of disc golf's original treasures. Anyway, that's how we feel.

Thank you NEFA, for the faith and support you pledged to us. Come down and throw with us anytime. top Top > Comments   (1 comments)

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