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Renewing your NEFA membership or thinking of joining? 

Thursday, January 5, 2012  by mcmanus

So, you're sitting at home contemplating renewing your NEFA membership or you've never been a NEFA member and you are curious as to what being a  member is all about, well here's the skinny:  Now thru January 31rst, you can take advantage of a 2 for 1 membership deal!  The cost of a year long membership is $25.00 but if you do the math involving this sweet deal, that works out to just $12.50 per person...whatta baaahgain!

Check out the sign up form here ....and if you'd like check out the discussion forum on this topic, just click here and you'll be whisked away to it immediately...gotta love hyperlinks!  Membership benefits include a NEFA mini disc (for first time members), a NEFA bag tag that can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, a lifetime nefa number and the eligibility to compete in any number of divisions for the NEFA Points series which runs from January to the end of September of each calendar year, culminating in a Points Series Final at a chosen date in October. Most importantly, you'll be part of a community of disc golf & frisbee enthusiasts dedicated to growing the exposure of these activities throughout the New England, New York and New Jersey areas!  The NEFA Board of Directors are working hard to improve our beloved organization and there are many reasons to be excited about the future of NEFA with a top notch crew working behind the scenes .....of and for the members!!  Did I mention that NEFA also offers yearly grant funding opportunities which course owners and/or clubs can take advantage of to improve their local courses?...oh yeah, I just did.  

So don't procrastinate, sign up this month and take advantage of the dealio! top Top > Comments   (2 comments)

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