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Team Challenge Highlights 

Monday, November 28, 2011  by mcmanus

With the NEFA Points Series firmly in the rearview, the season for the Team Challenges is officially in full swing.  An idea started by Joe Yaskis several years ago that included a handful of teams from MA (Burgess, Borderland, Buffumville, Maple Hill, Pye Brook-(now NASA)) and one team from CT (Wickham Park) has grown into an annual event that includes many teams from all over the region, including ME and NY.  The Team Challenge has become so popular over the years that it was decided to have the teams split into A & B pools to accomodate a greater equilibrium of challenge matches based on varying skill levels.  Challenge schedules are determined prior to the season with each team either hosting matches or travelling to opponent courses as well as pre-determined neutral challenge locations.  The typical challenge format is two rounds of 18 holes, first round match play and second round doubles stroke play.   Typically, teams will have try-outs each year to determine rosters and if any given team has a full roster, chances are that a B team will be formulated from the same course to accomodate more players who wish to participate

Below are some Team Challenge highlights from the 2011 Season:

Team pHill (Pleasant Hill) vs Borderland II (B2 Bombers)

On October 29th, Team pHill hosted its first challenge against Borderland 2.  We talked some smack and exchanged slam poetry  (from the team challenge thread on the NEFA discussion forum )

The final score was 29-3 in favor of the brand new pHill team.  (pHill is short for Pleasant Hill).  We then went on to Panthorn, partied our asses off in Southington the night before and won 20-10 despite the fact that 80% of our team was hung over and operating on 2 hours or less of sleep... I would say we are the team to watch in the B pool.   

Submitted by

Jason Toothaker

pHill team captain

NASA vs Team Borderland:

On November 27th, Team NASA (North And South Shore Alliance) hosted Team Borderland at two courses on the North Shore:  Pye Brook and Amesbury Pines.  Team Borderland took down the singles match play at Pye Brook with a final score of 8-6; however, things took a decided turn in NASA's favor at Amesbury DGC where NASA dominated the doubles round 12-2, including a scorching round of 39 shot by Matt Thomas and Drew Smith...that's -15 for those keeping score at home!!  Additionally, Dan Ouellet and Chad Hall (NASA) shot a 42!  Team Borderland was not without its hot scores as well with two teams (Dennis Parslow /Sandy Redd & Josh Barden /Isaac Chaney) both shooting red hot rounds of 43!  NASA ended up winning  the overall challenge 18-10.  To say that Amesbury Pines got lit up like a Christmas tree farm on this day would be a dramatic understatement!  Truly an impressive outing by both teams. 

For more info on the NASA vs Team Borderland challenge as well as pictures, please check out Jaxon Sheehy's BLOG

** Please be sure to send me info and pictures of your Team Challenge match and I'll be happy to blog about it!!** top Top > Comments   (1 comments)

2011 NEFA Auction: Another Successful Year! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011  by mcmanus

Well, it was a pleasure hosting such nice people.  The 2011 NEFA Doubles Auction was once again, a rousing success!

The auction took in 9415.50 Checks for $2354 will go out within the next few days to our four causes:

Dana & Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation

American Cancer Society

Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

 and of course....NEFA!

We collected $4,860 out of the $5000 in funny money issued, $1,822 in real cash, $320 in checks, and $2,672 in money owed. We'll send out email reminders.

Special thanks to our staff: Kelley, Rick & Aviva, Trenton, Marshall, Joel, Barry, Lick, Billy Mac, Gary Cyr and one or two obvious other people I'm forgetting.

Gary and Aviva, your auction finances report was spectacularly good and transparent and easy to type up.

Keith Burtt hit an Ace on Hole 10 Silver for $700, the only ace of the day, not counting gray aces on 10 and 18 during the 1st round.


Winners can be viewed in the nice picture below, though the real winners are the selected charities!!...Please take a moment to check them out in the above links provided.

You can view the auction/ buyer and price list  here

-Jason Southwick top Top

Holiday Hucking Season Is Here! 

Monday, November 21, 2011  by mcmanus

It's the start of the holiday season and that means friends, family and of course, disc golf on days off!  The 4th annual Turkey Bowl at Buffumville is happening on Thursday for those who can escape in the morning and still make it back for the family feast that afternoon!

There's also a NEFA Dubz event  at Central Park in Schenectady, NY.  The Turkey Throwdown II will take place on Saturday, November 26th  The event is hosted by DisCap and features 36 holes of bring your own partner doubles!  What better way to work off that overloaded plate of Thanksgiving gluttony!

Here's wishing everyone a most enjoyable Thanksgiving with loved ones!  Drive carefully out on the roads and accurately on the fairways!  Peace. top Top

NEFA Forums are down 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011  by Dave McHale

Right now the forums are down. We are aware, and a support ticket has been submitted to our hosting company. Unfortunately our hands are tied until they bring the site back for us. 

In the meantime, go throw some practice putts! top Top

Its Election Time 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011  by mcmanus


That's right NEFA members, its time to get the vote out for the NEFA Board members as well as your state representatives.  As an added convenience this year, the NEFA Board of Directors has provided for online voting right here on  Check out the link to the thread here:   

The board is also reaching out to members who do not frequent the nefa discussion forums by facilitating their vote via an e-mail link!!  Remember, you MUST be a NEFA member to vote....faudulent voting will be a punishable offense via disc firing squad of top NEFA pros, so please be honest, vote your conscience and no funny business!

A big THANK YOU goes out to the NEFA Board of Directors for bringing the voting mechanisms up to speed for our members.  Best of luck to all the candidates who have competition! top Top

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