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Mt Kisco Face Lift 

Thursday, February 26, 2015  by mcmanus

Story submitted by Aaron Frank (W.e.D.G.E)

Hole 1 Leonard Park/Mt Kisco DGC

     After a 2014 festooned with shovels, rakes, pavers, tampers, item 4, and the blood, sweat, and expletives of countless dedicated disc golfers, Westchester Disc Golf Enthusiasts (WeDGE) is proud to announce the opening of the revitalized Mt. Kisco Disc Golf Course at Leonard Park. Thanks in large part to the generosity of NEFA and its members, a classic course originally designed by the father of disc golf has been given more than just a needed facelift.

For years, the Kisco Klassic Ice Bowl has been the first event on the NEFA calendar, a plum position which also had the unfortunate side effect of exposing its state of disrepair. Even after replacing the course's well-worn original baskets, feelings of frustration finally culminated in 2014's event when the ancient natural tee zones took on the look of primordial ooze, the rain making for a miserable slip and squelch through 36 mud-flecked holes. Following the event, WeDGE applied for a NEFA Large Grant, hoping that you all would agree about the historical significance of the course and the desperate need for repairs. Thanks to NEFA, the grant was awarded, and WeDGE was faced with its biggest and most critical challenge yet in completing the construction of 18 complex, paved teepads and a large-scale course redesign in time for the 2015 Klassic.

NEFA, WeDGE is really proud to say that we got there. I mean, really proud. The volunteer effort poured into this project is difficult to explain. WeDGE members went from organizing, to sketching, to preparing, to testing new layouts, and eventually dedicated many months to the herculean task of building the teepads themselves. All of the work was completed by WeDGE members and friends, with no substitutions or paid assistance. In particular, the effort was pulled through by four extremely talented and borderline insane project leaders: John Garb, Daver Coats, Jack Bradley, and Ryan Korczykowski.

This was not a fly-by-night operation; these pads are beautiful and built to last, and we want you to come out and see for yourselves. Ask anybody who visited for the 2015 Kisco Klassic, held on January 10th. Hopefully, they will tell you that the disc golf community came together and breathed new life into one of disc golf's original treasures. Anyway, that's how we feel.

Thank you NEFA, for the faith and support you pledged to us. Come down and throw with us anytime. top Top > Comments   (1 comments)

NEFA Grants: 2014 Recap 

Monday, February 9, 2015  by mcmanus

The 2014 NEFA Large Grant Program provided four courses in NEFA-land with the funds needed to develop a new course, or make necessary improvements to existing courses!  Two of our four grants were provided to the newly formed South Kingstown Disc Golf Course in South Kingstown, RI and World War I Park in North Attleboro, MA.  The two other grants were provided to make necessary improvements to the courses at Mt Kisco DGC in Mt Kisco, NY and Otter Brook DGC in Keene, NH. 

South Kingstown DGC, a project spearheaded by Jimmy Blakeney, quickly saw 9 holes and a practice basket installed at the South Kingstown Athletic Fields in S. Kingstown, RI.  With the help of local players and the town, clearing for the layout was swift and 9 holes were ready to play by the Fall of 2014!  The future looks bright with the remaining holes already being cleared so look for a NEFA points event at the course this summer!

South Kingstown DGC, South Kingstown, RI

The town of North Attleboro, MA saw its first disc golf course installed at WWI Park in 2014.  With the help of the NEFA Grant, there are currently 9 baskets with a practice basket in place. Plans for additional course signage along with a kiosk is in the works for this spring.  The course is still in the early stages of development but things are progressing well.  Get out there and play a new course this spring!

WWI Park DGC, North Attleboro, MA

Leonard Park, aka, Mt Kisco, aka, one of the oldest courses in the country, received a NEFA Grant to provide a much needed improvement to their tee pads.  Located in Mt. Kisco, NY, the 18 tee pads were updated from natural surface to pavers and the impact was immediate!  This vastly improved  course has deep NEFA roots and is a must play if you haven't made the trek!

Leonark Park/Mt. Kisco DGC, Mt Kisco, NY

Last but not least, Otter Brook DGC in Keene, NH rounded out the 2014 NEFA Grants. The grant money went towards the tee pad improvements, updating nine tee surfaces to the Fly 18 rubber tee pads.  With a shortened season up in NH, the crew ran out of time to complete the building of two kiosks, but have plans to tackle that project as soon as the weather allows (which at this rate will be some time in June).  Otter Brook has been getting rave reviews and is worth the drive to let the discs fly!

Otter Brook DGC, Keene, NH

The 2015 NEFA Grant Program is giving applicants until March 14th to submit their application and supporting documents to the NEFA Board for consideration.  NEFA grants have a history of providing our area with the necessary funding to help create new courses and improve existing courses.  If you are interested in submitting an application, please review the announcement on our forum by clicking HERE top Top > Comments   (1 comments)

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