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NY double NEFA points event this Sat. at FDR 

Wednesday, March 31, 2010  by John Borelli

The season's first double NEFA points tournament is this Saturday's FDR Fools Fest in Yorktown, NY. This event is also a PDGA C-tier, so if you do well here, you'll be sitting pretty for both NEFA points and your PDGA rating. Good luck! (more info)

The event is sold out, but to get on the wait list, contact TD Bill Newman (914-589-0197) top Top

Amesbury basket crushed by tree 

Friday, March 19, 2010  by John Borelli

John Mucciarone's sad news has been confirmed. Basket 15 at Amesbury Pines in Amesbury, MA was split in half by a tree branch in the heavy wind storms of February. You read right -- it was split in half!

If you'd like to help replace it, John is considering organizing a donation drive. Email John M. for more info.

UPDATE: A new basket is scheduled to be installed this weekend. Thanks for your support.

Thanks to Alan MacLean for sending in this photo. (full size)

Amesbury 15 top Top > Comments   (3 comments)

Head to the Vineyard for some golf this Sat. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010  by John Borelli

The weekend's Vineyard Social VI on Martha's Vineyard, MA is a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner. Good times are always on tap at this NEFA points event, either on the course or on the ferry ride to and from the Island. And then there's the legendary post-tourney gatherings! Don't miss this one! top Top > Comments   (1 comments)

Minuteman Classic Wrap-up 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010  by John Borelli

From TD Matt DeAngelis:

Well, it wouldn't have been a Minuteman without a little foul weather. We must look like a bunch of damn fools showing up at 8 in the morning to prepare and play in conditions like that. The lunch vendor mentioned her first Minuteman a couple years ago and said, "We woke up that morning, the snow was falling heavy and we thought they couldn't possibly be out there." Sure enough we were and we were happy that they showed up! This proved to be one of the wettest Minuteman tournaments yet.

We also may have set a record for furthest traveled to attend this event. Normally a crew from ME and VT would have taken this title. This year however, we had Mike Sperow fly north from Florida for a reverse spring break and Sean Jack fly back east from California. All told, they combined to travel 4,000 mi to get here. That record will not be broken for quite some time.

This year we started off with round 1 on the Blue to White course. A challenging layout that takes the toughest tee positions played to the easiest pin locations. There are several birdie opportunities and no true par 4 holes. Even with these conditions, we had some solid scores roll in.

After round 1, the Pro/Am teams were all chasing Jay Bayer and Shawn Mullen who posted a 5 under 49. Following close behind with a set of 50s were the teams of Jim Wills and Pete Nightingale, and Brian Harrington and John Tserpes. Eight other teams were within 3 strokes of the leaders at that time.

As the lunch hour came and went, and the players had to leave the warmth of the fire, we had a decision to make. Do we spare them some misery and send them out on the white to white layout and give them a break? It has rained over 2 inches so far, and it's really starting to come down out there. Maybe it was the funky steam coming off the fire place where the wet towels steeped, or maybe it was me feeling resentment towards all those golfers competing when I was trapped indoors, but the decision had been made. White to Blue.

I made the announcement and thought I would throw them a bone, "White to Blue, except Hole 2 which is white to white." That was met with groans from the soaked crowd. "Fine, White to Blue even for Hole 2!" I yelled out, which was met by Matty Brier saying, "Oh come on!"

Just as the players left the visitor center, it really started to rain heavy. The White to Blue layout plays one stroke harder than the Blue to White, with Hole 2 being the only 4 on the course. The more difficult layout and the increasing rainfall proved to be too much for some. The rest of the players are just a little bit mental.

The group of 51s and 52s slowly trickled in around 4:30. Aaron Ala and Don Boutin were amongst the first to come in, recording the round leading 54, 106 overall, to pull into a tie for 2nd place. On that same card, Matt Mederios and Steve Solbo posted a 56, 108 overall on the day, to sneak in to last cash tie with Sean Jack and Eric Kevorkian and Jay Bayer and Shawn Mullen. The lead card came in revealing that Jim Wills and Pete Nightingale managed to hold off Brian Harrington by 1 stroke and win the 2010 Borderland Minuteman Classic.

There was also a great battle in the Am/Am division with Chris Wilson and Jake Gifford edging out friends Jim Conroy and Steve Viglas by one stroke, shooting a 114 on the day. Greg Wintrob and Heather Eng took home the minuteman trophy for the mixed division shooting a 114 on the day.

Thanks to all who supported the event through hole sponsorship and assistance:

- Mike Spereow/Andy Dewitt
- JD/Mike Andrews
- Sean Jack/Eric Kevorkian
- Bill and Billy Dunne
- Chris Wilson/Jake Gifford
- Roger Gagnon/John Giampapa
- Borderland State Park and Staff
- Friends of Disc Golf at Borderland
- Cousin’s Pizza
- Innova Discs


Jim Wills/Pete Nightingale 50 55 105 $150
Ala/Boutin 52 54 106 $87.50
Harrington/Tserpes 50 56 106 $87.50
Jay Bayer/Mullen 49 59 108 $43
Sean Jack/Kovo 51 57 108 $43
Dr. Solbo 52 56 108 $43
Mike Drama/Aucoin 51 58 109
JD/Mike Andrews 52 57 109
Timmay/Heenan 52 57 109
Sandy/Tatro 54 55 109
Jack/Direnzo 51 59 110
Josh Rogers/Cow 54 58 112
Lapham/Valis 56 60 113
Dunne and Son 52 63 115
Chris F'n P/Chris Byrne 56 63 119

Chris Wilson/Jake Gifford 55 59 114 $125
Jim Conroy/Steve Viglas 55 60 115 $95
Paul Cotton/Lucas Brewer 58 58 116 $75
Roger Gagnon/John Giampappa 57 63 120 $57
Mike Sperow/Andy DeWitt 58 62 120 $57
Matty Brier/Chad Miller 58 65 123 $45
Jeremey Binley/Josh Grayum 57 67 124 $35
Paul Brewer/Cody Brewer 59 66 125 $27
Ben Kirby/Steve Bigelow 60 65 125 $27
Chris R/Joel S 62 64 126
Jeff Fleary/Pete Charron 59 68 127
Chris and Kevin Plunckett 63 65 128
Pete Violet/Jason Benoit 61 68 129
Pete R/ Dave G 62 70 132
Brian B/Mike G 64 69 133
Ben D'Amore/Luke Adolph 65 71 136
Andy Allen/Jason P 70 75 145
Jimi Eaton/Troy Dickens 65 DNF DNF

Greg W/Heather Eng 53 61 114 $55
Colleen Halloran/Zack Jellis 65 71 136 $35
Ed and Joy Hovestadt 65 DNF DNF top Top > Comments   (1 comments)

Congrats to the King and Queen of the Hill! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010  by John Borelli

Hey NEFA, there's been another disc golf wedding! John Borelli and Marcy Buchanan got married yesterday, officially forming the new and improved Killer B Borelli's! Congratulations to us!  :-)

If the blog isn't updated enough over the next few weeks, it's because we're disc golfing in the sunny Caribbean! top Top > Comments   (9 comments)

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