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Remembering A True NEFA Legend: David Stidham 

Saturday, March 30, 2013  by mcmanus


"May those of us that knew him never forget him and do what is needed in our community to keep his memory alive"

"Dave was a great friend to disc golfers and a great promoter of the sport in this area"

"RIP Dave. You helped myself and so many others get into the sport and did so much good for the disc community, and of course the people of Haiti. You will be greatly missed."

"intangible energy, positivity, and awesomeness"

"Dave was just a great person, a quality human being all the way."

"Dave did things his way which more often than not was what I considered to be the right way"

"We are a lucky group of people to have known Dave Stidham."

"one of the absolute best Lead-By-Example people in our disc golf world"

"Dave was a class act, a quiet, kind leader who showed that actions speak much louder than words"

 "he made you feel remembered when you approached the TD table. RIP."

"Always calm, always caring, always doing for others here and so much for Haiti over the years. RIP Dave"

 "he had a big heart and disc golf was a way for him to give back......and that's what it's all about.........Rest in Peace Dave"

These are but a handful of the sentiments expressed by the NEFA brotherhood over the passing of a true ambassador to the sport of disc golf and the world beyond it.  David Stidham represented what we all aspire to be....kind, caring, selfless, other words, all of the qualities that make one at peace with themselves and the world around them.

A retired Park Manager for the Army Corps of Engineers at Buffumville Lake in Charlton, MA, David was instrumental in establishing disc golf on federal Army Corps lands here in Massachusetts.  Starting with a single object course at Buffumville, Dave's influence and tireless dedication to the sport, along with many other dedicated and selfless volunteers, resulted in the ultimate establishment of five disc golf courses on Army Corps dam sites (Buffumville, Hodges Village, Barre Falls, Tully Lake and  West Thompson in CT)

In addition to family, friends and disc golf, one of David's major passions in life was raising awareness and funding for the Coastal Haiti Mission, a foster care program for homeless children in a section of northern Haiti.  David dedicated a great deal of time and effort for this mission and the Ice Bowls he ran dedicated a portion of the registration fees to support this charitable endeavor.  David's charity work is just one more reminder why we stand in awe and admiration of his accomplishments and the way he lived his life.  Moreover, it is a reminder of how much he meant to so many and how dearly he will be missed.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to David's family and friends.  Rest in Peace David, you are a beautiful soul, a true NEFA legend and you will never, ever be forgotten.

If anyone is interested in donating funds and/or materials, labor, etc  to a memorial stairway at Buffumville in David's honor, please follow the NEFA discussion forum thread here top Top > Comments   (3 comments)

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