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NEFA welcomes Community Discs as its new vendor! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012  by mcmanus


Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce the 2012 NEFA preferred vendor, Community Disc Golf (  This is a new offering that we are providing to the NEFA tournament directors.  NEFA has entered  into a partnership iwth Community Disc Golf to provide more value from the tournament vendor.  Our TD's work hard, so this is another way to make things easier for them!  NEFA tournament directors will have the option of using the preferred vendor or to select a different option for the AM division payout.

When the TD decides to work with our preferred vendor for their NEFA  tournament, they can enjoy the following benefits:

Tournament Discs:  Community Disc Golf will coordinate the purchase of tournament stamped discs, with the TD only paying for the discs that are provided as player packages.  Community Disc Golf will take on the additional inventory or the TD can purchase the remaining discs for the same low cost

Additional Tournament Prizes:  Community Disc Golf will supply disc prizesfor your events competitions.  Up to 2 each for Ring of Fire, Distance, CTP for AMs

Onsite Tournament Vending:  Onsite vending is an option for the tournament (advanced scheduling required) with a minimum of 550 products and all brands carried by the vendor represented, set up by the start of registration.  If Community cannot attend the event, then online vouchers can be purchased from Community Disc Golf.

Online Vouchers:  Players can use their vouchers online to purchase form the entire stock.  Shipping is always $1 flat rate shipping, so your players won't be charged a premium to get their merchandise.  The vouchers will become active upon payment from the TD

Discount Rate:  The tournament director will enjoy a 25% discount on the AM vouchers (20% retained by TD/ 5% sent to NEFA by TD).  If the total AM payout will be $1,000, the TD will send Community DG, $750.00.  In return, Community DG will provide $1,000 worth of vouchers to be used as the AM payout.  The TD keeps the $200 and sends $50 back to NEFA.

In addition to all of these benefits, our preferred vendor will also be supplying NEFA with 10% of all non-voucher purchases made at  They will also be offering equipment for NEFA outreach events, making it easier for NEFA to gain exposure and grow the sport!

For any tournament director interested in working with our preferred NEFA vendor, please contact Justin Anderson at Community Disc Golf to work out the details


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