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Head North to Black Falls on Saturday 

Friday, May 28, 2010  by John Borelli

Start your Memorial Day weekend off with a trip to Northern Vermont. Johnny Betts is hosting Black Falls V this Saturday in Montgomery, VT and there are still plenty of spots left.

Johnny says, "If you liked (the Sap Bucket at) Center Chains, then you will not be disappointed with the Black Falls courses."

Go to Black Falls. As the great Matt Dillion said in the Outsiders, "Let's do it for Johnny man. We'll do it for Johnny!"

* More info
* Register
* Let's do it for Johnny, man. top Top

Back-to-back aces at Pyramids league, sort of... 

Thursday, May 27, 2010  by John Borelli

Nice job, Jeff! Thanks for the news, Jason.

Here's one. Yesterday before Pyramids Monday league, whose ace pot is now at $234, and growing, with Silvers next Monday.

Jeff Chauvin aces Hole 5 with a straight shot KC Pro Aviar. Then he steps up to Hole 6, remembers to ask whether there were any other 1s, and proceeds to ace Hole 6 with the same disc.

Two shots in a row for two aces. I'm pretty sure at least here it's unprecedented.


Has anyone else witnessed, heard about, or thrown two or more aces in a row? Let us know! top Top > Comments   (7 comments)

Win a 9-hole course and support AM Worlds 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010  by John Borelli

Here's your chance to win an instant 9-hole course. Just buy a special sparkle DGA Reef putter and you'll be entered in a raffle to win 9 DGA baskets. Put them in your yard or be a hero and donate them to your town. (more info)

From DGA:

A total of 1000 of these special run discs will be produced. Like years past, each disc purchased will come with one raffle ticket. Each raffle ticket will be added to a drawing that will take place during the week of the Am Worlds in Marion, OH (June 28thth-July 3rd, 2010). There will be two winners of this drawing and those winners will each receive a 9 hole custom Mach III course.

Several NEFA golfers headed to AM Worlds

So far, a dozen NEFA members are headed out to AM Worlds this year, so I am sure we'll have lots of stories to share on the blog come late June. This year's NEFA AM Worlds golfers:

* Advanced Senior Grandmasters: Paul Rashaw (CT)

* Advanced Grandmasters: Bradley Arnall (MA), Mike Saimond (CT), Rick Williams (MA)

* Advanced Masters: John Borelli (MA), Bill Dunne (CT)

* Advanced: Nick Connell (CT), Tim Griskus (CT), Chris Piaseczny (MA), Sandy Redd (MA), Abel Rodrigues (CT)

* Advanced Women: Kylie Hoke (CT)

Good luck everyone! One month to go! top Top

Barre league meets every Sat., 10 AM 

Monday, May 24, 2010  by John Borelli

Join these guys every Saturday at Barre Falls Dam for the Barre tag league. It's a relatively new league and is just $4. Email Andy Duquette for more info.

Barre Falls Dam is another great course built in conjunction with the US Army Corps of Engineers that weaves its way around a dam with huge bombs and a few shorter technical shots. It is located in Barre, MA just NW of Worcester. Pack a lunch and stay the day. Fishing, canoeing, hiking, and biking are also available. Free admission too! top Top

Play for points in MA and NH this weekend 

Thursday, May 20, 2010  by John Borelli

There are two NEFA points events this weekend; Terrace Pines Open in Ossipee, NH on Saturday and Maple Hill 5 in Leicester, MA on Sunday.

Terrace Pines is a quirky, wooded, short course with lots of OB, while Maple Hill is a mix of long and short and home of the National Tour's Vibram Open in August.

Good luck!

* Terrace Pines info
* Maple Hill 5 info top Top

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