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Earl Cup - NEFA vs Maine! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011  by John Borelli

Courtesy Josh Connell

The Earl Cup originated in 1998 when Bob Enman challenged the NEFA President to put together a roster to compete in a Ryder Cup-style team event. The winning team goes home with the Earl Cup trophy, named in honor of Bob's late father Earl, the original owner of Enman Field (back when it was an airstrip).

Each year, the current NEFA President selects the President's team from among NEFA members. Bob Enman selects the Pilots team from among Dragon Disc Golf Pilots (our club for players who have registered 20+ rounds lifetime on our courses).

(Click to enlarge). Photo Tim Walsh

Roster criteria for this year is two women, one grandmaster, three sub-950 rated players including at least one master, and 14 open spots.

All competition is match play format. Round 1 is Best Shot doubles. Round 2 is Best Score doubles. Round 3 is Singles. Team that wins the most points (1 per match) wins the Cup.

Earl Cup history:

1998: NEFA win @ Enman Field Beast
1999: NEFA win @ Buffumville Lake
2000: Pilots win @ Enman Field Beast
2001: NEFA win @ Buffumville Lake
2002: Pilots win @ Enman Field Beast
2003: NEFA win @ Pyramids
2004: NEFA win @ Enman Field Beauty
2005: NEFA win @ Maple Hill
2006: Pilots win @ Enman Field Beast
2007: NEFA win @ Barre Falls Dam
2008: NEFA win @ Enman Field Beast
2009: NEFA win @ Maple Hill
2010: Pilots win @ Enman Field Beast
2011: ????? win @ Maple Hill

NEFA leads all time 9-4. top Top

NEFA Forums updates 

Thursday, May 19, 2011  by Dave McHale

Just letting the community know that a few changes have been made to the NEFA forums today in an effort to block some of the automated spiders and bots which frequent the forums & have been sucking up the bandwidth as of late: bandwidth which isn't free and is actually being used MORE by automated bots at this time than actual people visiting the website. 

Traffic in general to the forums is above what it used to be - especially compared to multiple years ago - but with luck the changes implemented today will help us to stay with our existing provider & plan without having to move house or start paying more every month for our hosting. Paying for more bandwidth if the membership is using it would be one thing, but when the crawlers are using most of what we're paying for we need to do something to turn that back. 

While no one *should* be affected, please comment here with information on device/operating system/browser (including versions on all information) if you for some reason cannot access the forums. top Top

AM Worlds is ready for you 

Monday, May 16, 2011  by John Borelli

Registration for the AM Worlds is now open to all amateur PDGA members. Register here. top Top

Busy NEFA Points weekend ahead 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011  by John Borelli

You can get a good chunk of your NEFA Points out of the way this weekend with three events.

Saturday, May 14

> Eastern MA Championships: Pye Brook Park in Topsfield, MA. This is a double points event! (info)

> Sap Bucket Open: Center Chains in Waterbury, VT. NEFA points (info)

Sunday, May 15

>. Tully Tournament: Tully Lake in Athol, MA. NEFA points (info) top Top

Stay off the fields at Devens 

Monday, May 9, 2011  by John Borelli

** Attention Devens players **

Devens Rec has received complaints about golfers using the soccer fields to warm up. That is not allowed. Please stay off and spread the word.

From Devens Rec: "... at no time are the field(s) to be used for practice or games. These field(s) are paid for by clients."

Yes, this stinks but Devens is very protective of their fields and we must respect that. They could always pull our lease and we'd end up with no course, so please find some other field to warm up in. Thank you. top Top > Comments   (3 comments)

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