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NEFA & PDGA Points Season In Full Effect 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012  by mcmanus

With a near snow-less winter, a March that was warmer than April and borderline drought conditions during what is typically known as the wet season, 2012 has gotten off to a topsy turvy start...hmmm, maybe the Mayans were on to something.  Perhaps Bill Murray put it best in the movie Ghostbusters when he stated:  "dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria!!"  Thankfully, one thing remains constant and that is tournament season in NEFA land!  So, before you start your doomsday prepping, check out the NEFA and PDGA points tournies coming down the pike to a course near you:

May 12th, The Tully Tournament & Women's Global Event- NEFA Pts/ PDGA C-Tier

May 20th, 2012 Park City Charity Open- NEFA 2X Pts / PDGA C-Tier

May 20th, The Sap Bucket X- NEFA Pts

June 2nd, Dragan Disc Gofl Classic- NEFA Pts/ PDGA B-Tier

June 2nd, The 2012 Long Island Open- PDGA C-Tier/ NEFA pending

June 16th, Pokerpalooza Reloaded!- NEFA Points

June 23rd-24th 10 Annual Borderland Spring Fling- PDGA B-Tier

June 30th Sports Authority Presents the Cape Cod Open- NEFA Pts/ PDGA C-Tier

July 1rst, Pure Flight Presents The Crane Hill Open- NEFA Pts/ PDGA B-Tier

So don't despair because tournaments are popping up like dandelions in an unmowed field this year.  I'll leave you with a final doomsday quote:

" Don't wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects"

-Author unknown

Oh yeah, one more thing, I am stoked to see a disc golf course on Long Island...aka, my birthplace ...more to come on this new course in a future blog! 

-Peace top Top

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