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NEFA updates at AM Worlds 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010  by John Borelli

Day 1 of AM Worlds in Ohio is over and NEFA is kicking butt! Sandy Redd is riding high atop his pool in the #1 spot, while Bill Dunne is tied for 4th in his pool. Nick Connell, Mike Sperow, and I also had a good day and are sitting at 7th, 11th, and 19th in our respective divisions/pools. Let's keep it going, guys!

> Current standings

A few of us are sharing our adventures through blogs, tweets, and posts to the NEFA board. Please help keep us going by sending or posting comments. We love reading them and knowing that NEFA is supporting us! Believe me, a simple "atta boy" really goes a long way, especially after your fifth round in three days!

Here's who's doing what:

> Main NEFA Worlds thread: Updates from all of us at Worlds

> Borelli Blog: Updates and photos from me

> Nick Connell: Twitter updates

This will probably be the last post here on NEFA until after Worlds. Time for some sleep. top Top

Workday -- new course in Rindge, NH 

Saturday, June 26, 2010  by John Borelli

There's a new course being built by John Britton in Rindge, NH. There is a workday day scheduled for this Sunday at 10:30.

> More info

From John:

First work day -- Please show up and help if you can...I really need HELP from some local Disc Golfers right now to make this Rindge course actually be ready to open & play full-time later this Summer. Most of the work involves chain saws, pruning limbs & small trees, and removing downed Lumber off the fairways. Please bring some Tree Tools (plus Beer & whatever else) with you if it's possible...

The first 12 Holes are set up to go right now -- All Baskets are in place -- But there are several more trees to still be cut & relocated for "Opening Up" the fairways. Lots of variety, some creek holes, terrain changes, etc. Shooting to become the Best course in New Hampshire soon --> Bring It ON...!!!

The entire 18 hole course layout is pretty challenging and mostly laid out -- Just need to start cuttin' some more trees & such to make the last 6 DG holes become more open & realistic.(Starting soon after the first 12 holes are closer to their substantial completion -- Hopefully by late July). top Top

Double down in CT or get small in VT 

Friday, June 25, 2010  by John Borelli

Waveny Open

Waveny Park in Canaan, CT hosts this year's CT double NEFA points event on Sunday. The Waveny Open is also a PDGA C tier event and still has spots available. Go check out this new course and support disc golf in CT!

More info


Gnomes Challenge

White River disc golf course in Randolph, VT hosts the Gnomes Challenge III this Sunday. Plenty of spots available and you may see a gnome.

> More info top Top

Q & A with Kylie, Nick, and Abel 

Friday, June 25, 2010  by John Borelli

Here is the last batch of player bios. Good luck everyone!

Kylie Hoke

Is this your first Am Worlds?
This is my first Am Worlds event!

Is this the largest event you've ever played in?
By far the largest disc golf event I have ever played in.  I use to play college soccer so I have been in "big event" situations before.

Any expectations?
I have no expectations, I actually have no idea what to expect.  I'm trying to just sit back, relax and go with the flow.

What are you excited or nervous about?
I'm excited to meet other people who enjoy disc golf as much as me.  I am nervous about playing the courses blind. I'm hoping to get to some of the courses before hand and do at least a walk through.

Any goals?
In no particular order:

1.    Meet new people!
2.    Have as much fun as I can.
3.    Not to finish DFL!
4.    Learn new things from other people.

Who are you traveling with?
Flying solo, but meeting up with Nick, Abel and Mike. Nick and I will be playing the doubles tournament together on Sunday!

What have you been doing to prepare for a week of DG?
1.    Trying to get the score card and mistakes out of my head.  I need to do a better job of letting mistakes go and avoiding the hole after hole trickle effect.
2.    Putting and being a confident putter!
3.    Flicking-I have a long way to go but I feel way more confident flicking my approach shots now.  I really had to force myself to keep flicking (even when it was ugly) and now I finally feel confident using a flick in certain situations.


Nick Connell

Is this your first Am Worlds?
First trip to AmWorlds for me.

Is this the largest event you've ever played in?
This is the largest event I've played in to date. I've played a few SuperTour PDGA-A events: the 2010 Atlanta Open and the 2009 Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open. (And the Amateur Challenge Tournament ranks fairly highly as well! 8-))

Any expectations?
I expect to meet a bunch of good people, and have an unusual amount of free time to just hang out, relax ... and also focus almost solely on disc golf for days on end. I expect to develop more solid up-shots and long putts that at least have some semblance of a chance.

What are you excited or nervous about?
It's a luxury to spend an entire week playing disc golf, and doing so under the banner of the "PDGA Amateur World Championship" just makes it more fun (and intense). I'm hoping to learn from others I play alongside, and I look forward to bonding more with NEFA friends. I'm nervous that I will fail Kylie at the doubles tournament. ;)  I'll probably be nervous over every single putt, but most especially the 5 to 10 footers. I'm notorious for throwing those shots away.

Any goals?
Fun is always the goal. Otherwise, I should probably stop while I'm ahead. I would obviously not like to finish last, but I would be somewhat satisfied with simply finishing. Having no clue about the competition and the amount of local pros and the amount of professional amateurs with ratings above 975, I'm hoping that my best game will produce a Top 50% result. If I finish any higher, then that would be sweet.

Who are you traveling with?
I will drive over with my amazing wife and kids. However, they will enjoy the week with friends in Michigan, and I'll catch up with them on Friday. (I'm not expecting to make the Semifinals (Top 8) or Finals (Top 4).) And I'll enjoy a 3-day weekend with family and friends.

I'll meet up with Abel, Michael Sperow, and Kylie this Saturday, and we'll all room together ... and also practice as much as we can. Maybe we'll also get to meet up with other NEFA-ites.

What have you been doing to prepare for a week of DG?
Not much. I just can't wait to get there.


Abel Rodrigues

Is this your first Am Worlds?
This is my fist time at Worlds

Is this the largest event you've ever played in?
Yes, this is going to be the largest event I've been to, next being two A-tiers (ALT open and Cranburry classic).

Any expectations?
Play well, buy too much plastic and beat Nick Connell.

What are you excited or nervous about?
I'm pretty excited about the whole experience and to see how well I do against this type of competition. Nervousness about my brain...hopefully I don't blow up.
Any goals?
To have fun really but to again, beat Nick, get qualified, and be the top NEFA member there

Who are you traveling with?
I will be driving with Mike Sperow, we leave June 23 or 24, and we will be staying with Nick, Kylie Hoke.

What have you been doing to prepare for a week of DG?
Playing a lot and since we are going up a week before we are going to be playing the courses. top Top

Borderland Spring Fling photos 

Thursday, June 24, 2010  by John Borelli

While Scooter is going through his photos from the weekend, here are a few to get you through the day.

> A few more Spring Fling photos
Scooter's gallery and here also


Derek B takes a run at Pebble Beach


A few AM1s surround TD Matt DeAngelis on Saturday top Top

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